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LAW School Council Meeting Minutes 10-5-2020

Lawrence School Council Zoom
Meeting October 5, 2020

Members in Attendance
Thomas Bushy, Principal/Chairperson
Jill Meserve, Parent Rep
Francine Daggett, Community Rep

I. Approve June Minutes

II. Start of School Year
● Very smooth start at this time. 3⁄4 of the inperson students have attended. The A Group
begins full time next week. The groups will be about 5/7 students and some have 9-11.
● World Languages are still getting ironed out.
● Staffing is almost complete.
● Teachers are helping each other with new technology and navigating remote and in
person learners.
● Discussed cameras and arrival, new staff discussed

III. Next Meeting dates:
November 2
January 4
March 1
May 3 - Tentative
June 7

Meeting Adjourned 5:30 pm.