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Joint Press Release Regarding the Acts of Violence in Israel and Gaza


OCTOBER 12, 2023

As leaders in the Town of Falmouth, we share in the heartache felt by our community due to the acts of violence in Israel and Gaza. We condemn acts of terrorism in all forms. The inhumanity of these actions does not express the value of human dignity that we support and live by. We are sensitive to the pain and hurt of so many of our friends and neighbors. There is no place where this is acceptable and we mourn with the rest of the world the lives that have been lost.

As citizens of Falmouth and educators in our schools, we care about the well-being of students and adults of all faiths. We seek through education and community to promote a world of tolerance and peace. We want to create a supportive safe space for all students in our schools and members of Falmouth to feel respect, love, and belonging. We, as a community, need to eradicate hate and terrorism and teach love and compassion towards all. Today is the time to reach out to offer comfort to those in need.                                

Michael Renshaw, Town Administrator                                            Lori Duerr, Superintendent