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September 2020 Newsletter

Teaticket Elementary School

September 2020 Newsletter

Sandra M. Kapsambelis – Principal

Meghan Conant – Asst. Principal/SEBA


Hello Teaticket Families,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!  We are looking forward to partnering with families to support all students as they begin this new school year. Although we will have many new routines we are prepared and looking forward to seeing all of the children. All of us have participated in professional development and will work hard to help students and families navigate the new routines and technology.  Teacher Landing Pages with specific classroom schedules will be available on the school website but we just wanted to share some general updates. 

To begin with I would like to welcome the following new staff members to the Teaticket Elementary School: Anna Melillo is our new Kindergarten teacher, Ashley Farnsworth is our new Grade 4 teacher, Renee Budd is our new Therapeutic Intervention Teacher,  Mary Kate Petrucci is our new school nurse and Ann Stephenson is our new nurse assistant.  With a third section of grade one this year, we are welcoming Caroline McArde in Grade One and Tara Gouin who will be a long term substitute for Kim Bombaugh. Rachel Crane is also new to Teaticket and she will be substituting for Julie Duffany, our Art Teacher. Caitlin Sterner has transferred back into the TIP program and Suzanne Swift has shifted out of the TIP program and will be working as a special education inclusion teacher. Finally, Jennifer Cleary has started in a new role as one of our reading teachers.  It was a busy summer of hiring and I am confident we have found the best and brightest!

Our Meet Your Teacher Night is tentatively scheduled for the beginning of October, further news will be shared as soon as the plans are solidified. Please look to the front office section of this newsletter for a review of the new staggered arrival and dismissal plans. Next week, I will be sharing further details about our new dismissal cards which should help speed up our dismissal process.

Please consider attending our monthly virtual PTO meetings which are generally scheduled on the first Wednesday of the month. We have a very dedicated group of parents who are looking to broaden its base of volunteers. The current members contribute to planning and organizing events that support all of the Teaticket students.  In addition, we are also looking for additional members of the school council to help shape the policies and programs of the school. The School Council meets monthly. Please contact the office if you're interested in participating. 

The  Student Handbook is available on the school website. This handbook provides information about policies and procedures for both students and families.  It is important that all families read the handbook. 

I look forward to a great year ahead of us! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas that you would like to discuss. 

Warm regards,

Sandy Kapsambelis, Principal


Calendar of Events



  • Monday, September 21st to Friday, September 25th – Remote learning days
  • Monday, September 28th and Tuesday, September 29th  – Half of the students-  Group A will attend for the morning session. Dismissal will be at 12:40pm.  Remote learning will take place in the afternoon.  Group B will be remote all day. 
  • Wednesday, September 30th - Remote learning day for all students


    • Thursday, October 1st and Friday, October 2nd  Half of the students-  Group B will attend for the morning session. Dismissal will be at 12:40pm.  Remote learning will take place in the afternoon. Group A will be remote all day. 
    • Monday, October 5th and Tuesday, October 6th  – Half of the students-  Group A will attend for the morning session. Dismissal will be at 12:40pm.  Remote learning will take place in the afternoon. Group B will be remote all day. 
    • Wednesday, October 7th and Thursday, October 8th  – Half of the students-  Group B will attend for the morning session. Dismissal will be at 12:40pm.  Remote learning will take place in the afternoon. Group A will be remote all day. 


  • Friday, October 9th –  NO SCHOOL-  This is a District Professional Development Day. 
  • Monday, October 12th- NO SCHOOL- Seasonal Recess
  • Tuesday, October 13th- All groups will start full time in person 


If you have any questions regarding the above schedule please contact us at 508-548-1550.


News from the Front Office

Please see our Teaticket Elementary website for the arrival, dismissal and half day schedules.


Once students return to school it is recommended that parents/guardians check their child’s backpacks daily. If your child is sick, please call the office to report the absence. 

The cost of lunch is $3.00. Parents are encouraged to use the School Bucks app, as it allows for less physical contact.

Other offerings:

Breakfast $2.00

Lunch $3.00

Reduced breakfast .30

Reduced lunch .40

Nurse’s Corner

Hello Teaticket Tigers!  My name is Mrs. Petrucci, your new school nurse.  I’m so excited to be joining you this year!  The district nurses are creating a virtual health office for students and their families. It will be filled with resources, forms, and other important information for you to review.  The code for it will be shared next week.

 If your child had a physical exam during the summer or this school year please send in a copy to the nursing office.

If you have any questions or need to speak with me, please contact the school or email me at:

We hope to have a happy and healthy school year! 

Counselor’s Corner 

Welcome back! We are so excited to return to school for the 2020/2021 school year. We look forward to working with all of our students and families to make this school year successful. This has been quite a year of change. The return to school will have many new procedures for the students to learn, and the building itself will be arranged differently. Change can be very difficult sometimes. However, we now have the opportunity to teach our children one of life’s most important skills: resilience. The American Psychological Association defines resilience as “the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy… and significant stress”. (APA 2014) We may not be able to change the cause of the stress/trauma, but we can change how we respond, react, cope, and get through such times. 

Some things that we can help our children with to develop stronger resilience: focus on positive thoughts, good self care, never giving up trying something new, talk about our feelings, learn from our mistakes, set goals and work towards them, accept that change happens all the time, accept that negative things can still happen, find/identify things to help relax, and ask for help. ( 2020)

As you can see, these are important skills for us to role model, as well as to teach. Every time a child successfully makes it through adversity, their tolerance for tough times, as well as their confidence in their own ability to succeed through tough times, grows. 

Please feel free to call the school or contact us at:

Claire Poole or  Jessica Margolin 

Art with Ms. Crane 

Welcome Teaticket Students! My name is Rachel Crane, and I will be your art teacher this year. I can’t wait to get started on our creative voyage together. I would like all students to use their imagination and creativity to the best of their ability. I am here to guide you & support you on your journey. Art matters, so let’s get started!

Please contact me anytime with questions or concerns, 

Library and Technology with Mrs. Rodriguez

Happy New School Year! My name is Kathy Rodriguez, and I am the Library/Technology teacher.

This year, the Specialists (Library/Tech, Art, Music, and Physical Education) will be meeting with one grade, every day, for 8 weeks. I will be teaching the 3rd graders through mid-November.

The 3rd Grade classroom teachers have included a link to my Zoom meetings in their lessons, which you will get on Monday, September 21. I am looking forward to seeing the 3rd graders in Zoom meetings starting then, for the first week of remote learning. 

Please contact me by email: with any questions.

Music with Ms. O’Neil

Hello! My name is Emma O’Neil. I’m the music teacher here at Teaticket. I am so looking forward to seeing all of our awesome Teaticket Tigers this year! As far as music class, our guidance is that we will need to be outdoors as long as possible in order to ensure that we can sing together and create music. All singing will occur in person at 10 feet, with masks on, outdoors. I will be introducing many tools as well that we will be utilizing in Google Classroom. Your children will be receiving individual music kits (with a variety of instruments) that they will be responsible for when we have music class together.

The 4th grade classroom teachers have helped out by including a link to my playlist inside of their playlist for easy access to music. Please access your child’s music class at the specified time by the classroom teachers. 

If you have any questions about music, please feel free to contact me at: Thank you!

Physical Education with Mrs. Shanahan

I’m looking forward to getting back and seeing all of you. I will be teaching outdoors everyday so please dress accordingly. Masks can come off in P.E. class but we will remain 10 feet away. We are very lucky to have so much outdoor space at our school. We may have P.E. on the blacktop some days or on the field depending on the activity. Sneakers would be required and I will see grade 1 for the first 8 weeks, everyday. We will start off with fun fitness and then work on soccer and ball skills.  If you have any questions regarding Physical Education class please contact me at  My landing page also has additional exercises and games you can do at home as well.

Reading Specialists

I’d like to introduce myself.  I am Jennifer Cleary.  I have been a special education teacher at Teaticket since 2001, working with kindergarten through fourth graders on reading, writing, math, attending and organizational skills.  The past four years I have been co-teaching 3rd and 4th grade and worked with some students in other grades as well.  I know many of your children, as I have greeted them coming into school every morning and said goodbye every afternoon.   I am looking forward to meeting and working with students daily either in person or over a virtual platform.  I’m excited to take on this new role as Reading Specialist! Please feel free to check out my landing page on the Teaticket webpage and email me at  

My name is Ann Chicoine, and I am also a Reading Specialist at Teaticket Elementary.  I am pleased to share that this is my fourteenth year at Teaticket. The first twelve years were spent teaching fourth grade students, which was a pleasure. Last year I took on the role of Reading Specialist. I firmly believe reading is one of the most critical skills necessary in education. This year I will be meeting with students across several grade levels. I look forward to working with your students daily, whether that be here at school or virtually. Please feel free to explore my landing page on the Teaticket webpage. You can contact me through email at