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April Newsletter

  Teaticket Elementary School

April 2020 Newsletter

Sandra M. Kapsambelis – Principal

Meghan Conant – Asst. Principal/SEBA


Hello Teaticket Families,

I would like to begin this message with a big thank you. I recognize how stressful this school closure has been on all of our Teaticket Families and Staff and I appreciate everyone's efforts in trying to do what is best for their children. Over the past few weeks, we have worked hard to communicate frequently and honestly. As a team we have tried to prioritize needs and remain flexible while the district is working hard to involve the whole community in decision making. As a team, we are working to convey the importance of well being for all of our families, without this, it is difficult to engage in any next steps. Please know how much we all care for your children and families. 


On a positive note, over the past couple of weeks I have enjoyed seeing student work and fun activities like the plate portraits with Mrs. Duffany and our MakerSpace Magic last Friday. Please know that our administrative teams and teachers are currently working hard on developing the next phase of continuity of learning plans and these will soon be shared with students and families. 


As a reminder, report cards will be mailed home for the second trimester this Friday to students in grades 1-4.  On another note, we would like to continue our Dream Big Challenge so I encourage you to continue to track the number of books read, miles walked/run, and acts of kindness that your children are engaging in at home.


As mentioned last week, we will plan for a Fun Friday activity each week. This week we will be honoring Autism Awareness Month. I’d like to thank our Adjustment Counselors for helping to organize these activities! To participate this week, imagine a rainbow... and then try to wear

as many different colors as you can! Next, we want you to think of something that makes you special, and unique. Maybe it is something that you are good at, interested in, or just really enjoy! Maybe it is having that one special item that makes you happy. There is no right

or wrong, everyone is different and special in their own way! Then, on the Teaticket Elementary School facebook page, post a picture of you (and your family) in your different colors, showing us what that talent, interest or item may be! (Make sure to tag us @teaticketschool). If you would prefer not to post something on social media please share your picture with your classroom teacher.  It is time to celebrate each one of you, (students, staff, families) for being your awesome, unique you! We miss all of our Teaticket Tigers and look forward to seeing you soon. 



Best regards,

Sandy Kapsambelis,  Principal


Special Education/504s

Hello to all of our families!  We miss you! We are all working together to figure things out in these unprecedented times, which includes how to navigate servicing students on IEPs and 504s. To that note, the state’s Special Education Directors from across the Commonwealth have had a conference call with Russell Johnson, the Senior Associate Commissioner for DESE, to discuss the new guidance that will be coming out of the federal office of education, as well as a call to action to Russell Johnson from The Federation of Children with Special Needs, Special Needs Advocacy Network Inc, and the ARC of Massachusetts, with endorsement from approximately 25 special education attorneys that represent students and families, to require delivery of special education services during the school closure...stay tuned!  In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to your child’s special educators with any questions, or feel free to email me at  Be safe, be well!  


News from the Front Office

Please remember,  If you have moved or plan on moving by the end of the school year, please send Lucia Conlon ( ) an email  to let us know. We also need your most up to date phone numbers and email addresses since this is currently our primary means of communicating with you. 

Nurse’s Corner

Take care of your families, rest and please wash your hands.   Dr. Parkinson alerted us that many PCP’s are delaying well child visits, please check with your PCP before  heading in for a well-child 

scheduled visit.  If you have any questions, please email me at

and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  

STAY HEALTHY and know that I am missing your children very much!!!

Counselor’s Corner

Hello families,

For the adults

This is such an unexpected and difficult time for everyone. We would like to first just acknowledge that, in and of itself. If it is feeling like it is “all too much” right now, it is because it is. We all go through trauma and grief in our lives. But, we have not seen a time in recent history, when we were all going through grief and trauma at the same time as everyone else. Please understand that there is no right or wrong in how you cope with the magnitude of this pandemic. Also know that if you feel out of sorts, or as if you aren’t handling things “how you usually do”, it is simply representative of the size and nature of the stressors. We are going through grief: over what we have lost (freedom, routine, company, community), for what we had hoped for (spring sports games, April vacation, warmer weather get-togethers), for our general feelings of security (health, finances, food), and for our sense of order in our lives. Now, more than ever, it is critical that we all remember to take care of ourselves, and our own basic needs. 

“Keep it simple” is a motto that we have often heard. However, there is a need for that more than ever right now. No one can be “perfect” at handling a pandemic. But, what we do know, is that taking on anything additional, when we are in stress/grief, is detrimental. Try to take each day for what it is. Make a small plan each day, but nothing very difficult/taxing. Making a small plan, and sticking to it, can offer us a sense of control, and accomplishment, even when the world is so beyond our control right now. For example:


Remember, that during times of grief/trauma, we need to be kind to ourselves, forgiving of ourselves and of others, and maintain a feeling of comfort. We know that this is not forever, it is for right now. By taking it slow, and simple, we will all get through this one day at a time. 

 No matter what, do not feel all alone in any of this. We are here to help your child(ren), and to help you. If you have any questions, worries, concerns, or feelings that you would like to share, please feel free to reach out to us. 

Please see the attached resource list provided by Falmouth Human Services as well. They are here to support Falmouth families, with resources and support, every day.

Falmouth Human Services 508-548-0533

For your children:

Just like you, your children may be experiencing a variety of feelings right now. That is completely normal! Your children may have questions, or fears, and it may be difficult to know what to say, or how to help, especially when we ourselves are facing our own uncertainties.

Here are some helpful tips for supporting your children during this time:

-Assure your children that they are safe. Remind them that the doctors and nurses are working very hard to keep everyone healthy. Remind them what they CAN do to stay healthy (hand washing, etc). It can help for your children to feel like they have some control over the situation. Explain that the reason we are not in school and staying at home, is because this is what we have to do to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

-Try and keep some type of routine and structure (story time, regular meal times, family game night, bedtime, etc.) It is helpful for your children to have some type of predictability in this very unpredictable time. Consider scheduling a once a week game night, or set aside time to sit outside each night with the family. Although this is an overwhelming situation, try and enjoy the quality time you do have. 

-Share age appropriate information and correct misinformation. It is likely that your children have heard some information  about what is happening in the world, and it may be hard to understand, or it may be that they have heard things that are untrue.

-Take cues from your children! Answer questions if they have them, but if they do not want to talk about it, that is okay too. 

-Validate their feelings, regardless of what they are.

-Remember that it is okay to not have all the answers. None of us do, and we are all doing the best we can. Children are very perceptive to our feelings, so remember to try and talk to your children at a time when you feel ready to do so. 

-Remind your children that we are here! We are available for you, your children, and any needs/questions/concerns your families may have. 

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach us at the school.

Ms. Poole’s email address;  or by phone at 774-282-4068, or Ms. Margolin’s email address; or by phone at 508-622-5133 . 


Falmouth Human Services Resources link 

Note from Specialists:

All the specialists (Library/Technology, Music, Physical Education, and Art) will be combining our resources together in one easy to use Google Classroom. If you have already signed up for “Art at Home with Mrs. Duffany”, you do not need to do anything further. To follow along with specialists and activities to practice at home, follow the directions below in Mrs. Duffany’s section of the newsletter on how to access the Google Classroom.  The combined Google Classroom page will be renamed, “Teaticket Specials at Home“.

Art with Mrs. Duffany 

I hope you join the Google Classroom site called “Art at Home with Mrs. Duffany”, soon to be renamed, “Teaticket Specials at Home”.  Art activity ideas will be posted every Monday and Wednesday. Using supplies in creative ways, stretching our imaginations, and sharing our ideas in slideshows are a few of the goals I have for the art section of the classroom. 3rd and 4th graders already have access to Google Classroom with their school google accounts and  ChromeBooks. If a student is in grades K-2, parents can help students sign-up and access the information during the week with their google account. 

There are a couple of ways to access the Google Classroom.

  1. Open your web browser and sign-in to Google. Find the Google Classroom link and join a class with the code: 4s7nesy. 
  2. Download the Google Classroom app on a tablet or phone, sign-in, and use the class code “4s7nesy” to join. 

*K-2 students have google accounts set-up, although most of these students have not used them before. If you’d like to  help your student join our Google Classroom, you can sign-in with their account:



Password: firstinitial,lastinitial,studentID

Example (jd111111)

**If you do not know your student’s ID number, we can help you find it on Powerschool.

Email is the best way to get in touch with me. Please contact me anytime with questions or concerns,  

Library and Technology with Mrs. Rodriguez

Hello students and families! 

Students in Grades 3 and 4  already have a Google Classroom setup with me, called “Library / Tech with Ms. Rodriguez”. I will be using that to communicate with you, so please check it and send me a message. The first activity will be a new worksheet to be used with Pebble.go SOCIAL STUDIES, very similar to the Pebble.go worksheets that you did in Library/Technology classes in school.

The good news is that PebbleGo (elementary online database) has added new categories for free. In addition to the ANIMALS, SCIENCE, and BIOGRAPHIES databases that are included with our subscription, they have recently added SOCIAL STUDIES and DINOSAURS. 

PebbleGo has also made the databases for students in Grades 3-5 available for free! It is called 

“PebbleGo Next” and once you have logged into the website you will be able to access it.

Students can learn about these nonfiction subjects by reading the articles or having them read aloud, and short video clips and activity pages are included. Parents and students can go to to access these databases. There is also a link to PebbleGo on the Teaticket School Technology website. 

A username and password are required because the Falmouth Public Schools system is a paid subscriber. I will share the username and password in the “Library/Tech with Ms. Rodriguez” and the “Teaticket Specials at Home” Google classrooms.

Please contact me by email: 

Music with Ms. O’Neil

I hope you're all doing well at this time. As far as music goes, please look at the Fine Arts Continuity of Learning Plan posted on our district website for online resources as well as video lessons.

I’ve also created a flipgrid for a virtual music room (  The “Music Spirit Day” topic is where I will take all the videos submitted and create one mixtape to share the musical things you’ve been doing at home with your children and family!

This is also a great time to practice or learn a new instrument, sing, and dance. I’ve been playing my ukulele and singing every day by my window. I have a brand new melodica that I have also been jamming out on. I’m hoping that my neighbors haven’t minded…!

I hope that your families are staying safe and healthy during this time. As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Please contact me by email:

Physical Education with Mrs. Shanahan

I hope everyone is doing well and feeling well. I have seen some posts and received some emails regarding your children exercising and staying active, it’s great! The PE Dept has posted 2 charts for K-4 students on the continuity of learning page, it’s located at the bottom. I’m sure everyone is missing school as much as I am!  I’m trying to do 2 walks a day as well as playing sports with my own two children. When we get back to school the plan is to play baseball, capture the flag, work on track and field activities and prepare for field day. As for the new playground we will pick up where we left off and continue to brainstorm the ways we can raise the last bit of money. 

Just a few activities your students know and can do at home- windmill, squats, burpees, jumping jacks, jump rope, pushups, sit-ups, dribbling, wall pushups, air punches, bike riding, walking, running, galloping, skipping, hopping, hula hooping, or build an obstacle course.  Stay healthy and hope to see everyone soon. I would love to see what your children and families are doing to stay active, please send photos or video to my email (I am not on Facebook).

Thank you for your continued support. .

The Reading Corner with Mrs. McMenamy & Mrs. Chicoine

During these unprecedented times, first and foremost we hope you and your families are safe and healthy.  We realize we are all simply doing the best we can under these challenging circumstances. Please try to spend twenty minutes a day alternating between reading to your child and having your child read to you. Have fun reading and enjoy this family time together.

The Math Corner with Mrs. Bowerman and Mrs. Strong

Hello all Teaticket Families!  First, as Math Coaches, we hope that you are doing well and understand that everyone's first priority right now is your family!  We are supporting your teachers as they prepare math lessons. Math is all around you - just keep counting, measuring, and playing games along with your teachers’ assignments.

ST Math Instructions:

Card Games to play together:

Family Math Games, Grades K - 2:

Family Math Games, Grades 3 and up:

Preschool News from Laney Cooke-Johnson- Director of Early Childhood Programs

Dear Families:

Happy Spring!

It seems we are actually having spring weather for a change this year and many beautiful blossoms are starting to grace us with their presence. It is great to see so many people getting outside to enjoy nature during this crazy time in our lives. There is always a bright side.

We all miss seeing our students and we miss seeing each other as well. We are trying hard to keep in touch with our students and you as their parents and guardians.  The preschool staff is showing their creativity and dedication to their students in many different ways during this time. Please know that we are all here to support you, so if there is something you need please reach out to us.  We as a staff have virtual meetings regularly and share ideas and check in with each other. If you have any ideas of ways that we can enhance what we are sending out to you for your children, please let us know.

We will continue to post resources on the FPS Office for Teaching and Learning webpage. We are limited to posting resources that do not have pictures, tables, calendars etc….so we will send those out in a variety of other ways. Please stay on the lookout.

The Coalition for Children does a daily virtual playgroup at 10:00 M-F. They have been wonderful sessions. You can access this at

WGBH continues to provide quality programming for children and has been adding more and more daily to try to enhance children’s learning as they are home.  I have listed some other resources here that you may find helpful. The most important things you can be doing right now is to continue to be: reading, playing, telling stories, and enjoying time outside to get some exercise and enjoy nature. My thoughts are with you all during this challenging time. Please do not hesitate to reach out if I can be of help in any way. 

 You can reach me at 508-548-1052 ext. 7 249 (I check messages remotely )  or via email 


Eight Cousins ( new booklist )  (our curriculum) Resources for Parents and Activities for Children

Google for Education

education@wgbh.og    (WGBH)

EEC ( Early Education and Care)  ( many parent resources for positive behavior strategies ) 

YOUTUBE for kids (great stories being read virtually)

Miss Megan’s Camp Kindergarten 10-11 AM M-F