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October Newsletter

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Teaticket Elementary School

October 2019 Newsletter

Sandra M. Kapsambelis – Principal

Meghan Conant – Asst. Principal/SEBA

Principal’s News

I would like to thank both the Teaticket Staff and Families for a great start to the school year! We had an exceptional turnout for Meet Your Teacher Night and our first PTO sponsored event, Celebrity Scoop Night was also a success. Your involvement in the school and your child’s education is invaluable. Thank you so much to those parents/families that have completed their CORI forms and signed up to volunteer as well. During this past month teachers have focused on building relationships with students so they feel welcome and comfortable in their new classrooms. I have also had the opportunity to build relationships when visiting classrooms and celebrating  birthday lunches with students. These moments have been great opportunities for me to get to know a little something about each student. Our Morning Movement has gone extremely well! If you are dropping off your child in the morning please make sure to take a look at the sign to make sure it is green so it is safe to drop off your child. Over the past couple of weeks we have worked out many of the details around Morning Movement and we are now ready to have Kindergarten students join us on October 7th. I would like to encourage all parents/families to set up parent teacher conferences soon, as it’s never too early to talk about your wonderful children! 

Best regards,

Sandy Kapsambelis, Principal


Calendar of Events



October 2nd

Walk to School

(no morning movement)

8:50 am

October 2nd

TT PTO Meeting

5:30 pm

October 3rd

TT Weekly band lessons start


October 3rd

Bus Evacuation

(no morning movement)


October 3rd

Fresh Market

3:45 @ Teaticket

October 7th

LifeTouch Picture Day


October 10th

Museum of Science visit, Grades 3 and 4

9:30 @ Teaticket

October 11th

Staff Development Day - no school for students

8:00 - 2:30

October 14th

No School - Columbus Day


October 15th

Cape Cod CC Dental Clinic


October 18th

Grade 3 to Plimouth Plantation


October 22nd

Early Release Day

12:40 dismissal

October 26th

TT PTO Trunk or Treat

3:00 - 5:00pm

November 6th

TT PTO Meeting



News from the Front Office

If you have not returned the forms that were sent home the first day of school, please send them in as soon as possible. If you need another copy please contact the office either by phone (508) 548-1550 or email

If your child is sick or will be tardy, please call the school at (508) 548-1550 and press 4 to get the Safety Callback line and leave a detailed message.  If we do not receive a phone call, someone from the school will be contacting you.

Starting tomorrow ice cream will be available after lunch on Wednesdays for students in grades 1-4 at the cost of $1.00.  


Our MakerSpace classroom is up and running!  Thank you to everyone who has donated materials for the students to use.  Donations can be left in the purple MakerSpace bin in the lobby:


Textiles like fabric, felt, yarn, string, ribbon, thread, game pieces, blocks, Puzzles, legos, tangled slinkys, crafting supplies like scrapbook paper, crochet hooks, beads, buttons, shells, etc.


Cardboard boxes like shoeboxes, tissue boxes, small Altoid tins, packing materials, bubble wrap, brown paper, newspaper, magazines or wrapping paper, wallpaper or carpet samples, backsplash/ceramic tiles, etc.


Glue, tape

*Other- Lots of items have potential to be turned into something interesting!  Thank you in advance for sending in clean materials! 

Nurse’s Corner

Please click the following link for the current attendance procedures:

Please consider packing an extra set of clothes in your child’s backpack for spills, slips on wet grass or bathroom accidents – the nursing suite has a limited supply of small clothing. 

If you have any questions/concerns, please email me at

Counselor’s Corner

The school year is off to a great start! It has been wonderful for us to get to know our new Teaticket students, and to see our returning students again. We feel that it is important for all students to know who we are, and to understand our roles as Adjustment Counselors, well before they may need us. This way, if any situation arises where they may need our support, we are familiar to them, which enhances their feelings of comfort during a difficult time. As Adjustment Counselors, we are here to support the learning of your children. This may mean we are teaching whole school lessons at our Community Meetings, working with children 1:1, meeting with families in crisis, working in small groups, etc. At our first Community Meeting, we talked about the importance of having “community” in the first place, as well as the importance of each member’s presence in this community each day. We also discussed the very beginning stages of relationship-building. Simple things like introducing yourself, or greeting someone with a “hello”, becomes an open invitation for the relationship to develop. This year, we will continue to discuss how all of us can further build on and explore the relationships around us (friendships, parent/child, coworkers, teacher/child, etc).

Stay tuned for a notice coming home this month regarding holiday assistance, the Falmouth Service Center, and options for families to help others in our community.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns! Ms. Poole’s email address; or Ms. Margolin’s email address;

Reading Corner with Mrs. McMenamy and Mrs. Chicoine

According to research from the National Institute for Literacy, “Reading aloud to children has been called the single most important activity for building the knowledge required for success in reading.” This important practice helps children increase their vocabulary, builds background knowledge, and helps them make real world connections. Reading aloud also promotes a greater understanding of books in general. As you read aloud, occasionally pause to ask your child questions about the book, encourage your child to ask questions, and explain new ideas and unfamiliar words to your child.

Art with Mrs. Duffany

This month students in grades 1-4 are working on both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional art with a focus on creating interesting  lines. We are learning about contour lines, drawing a variety of lines, making lines that show movement, using lines to make patterns, and creating lines to show texture.  In Kindergarten, we will continue skill centers for the month of October to practice our painting, gluing, cutting, and drawing. 

Strong, blocklike styrofoam pieces make sturdy bases for sculptures.  If you happen to come across any at home, please send them in with your student. 

Please consider volunteering with our Kindergarten classes on Mondays and Fridays at 1:15.

Email is the best way to get in touch with me. Please contact me anytime with questions or concerns,

Library and Technology with Mrs. Rodriguez

Kindergarteners and Grade 1 are learning about the Caldecott Medals that are awarded each year for the best picture books, and are becoming familiar with those stories and authors.

Grade 2 will be learning how to use the Destiny online catalog to find books in the library. They are focusing on Call Numbers and will learn how to find books in the three different sections of the library: Easy-to-read, Fiction, and NonFiction.

Grade 3 is reviewing how to use the Destiny online catalog, and have started to use their TypingClub accounts to learn keyboarding. This program tracks their development, and the goal is to reach 15 words-per-minute according to Massachusetts guidelines. They are encouraged to logon and practice at home, if possible. The link can be found on the Teaticket School Technology webpage.

Grade 4 will be reading Wordless Picture Books, and will be asked to pick one for their ongoing writing project. Once they have written/typed the stories, they will learn how to create a Google slideshow featuring their book. They have also continued to use their own accounts in TypingClub, with the goal being able type 20 words-per-minute. 

Grade 3 and Grade 4 have also begun to use the Google Classroom app, which will allow me to post some of their assignments online and have them share their work with me.

Please contact me by email:

Music with Ms. O’Neil

Kindergarten students are developing basic musical skills (movement to the beat, soft singing voices, and listening skills). Grade one is working on building singing independence and movement to the beat. Grade two is focusing on musical reading and improvisational skills. Grade three is preparing for using recorders with songs and movement activities. Fourth grade is focusing on a folk dance (Lucky Seven), a piece written in Spanish (Oye), and working on reflectional skills in order to refine performance.

Band and Chorus have started for the year - if you still have interest in enrolling your child, it is never too late. Please let me know via my email or by calling me at the school. The Teaticket Band is looking for donations of musical instruments (flutes, clarinets, trumpets, and alto saxophones) to loan to students at Teaticket for many years to come. Thank you!

Please contact me by email:

Physical Education with Mrs. Shanahan

The kindergartners have been working on tagging and fleeing games indoors. They have had a chance to use the climbing wall and loved it! Fishy Fishy seems to be their favorite tag game.  Grades 1-4 have just finished playing soccer outdoors and have shown great skills. We will be starting football in grades 3-4 and ball skills in grades K,1,2. 

Basketball sign ups are starting soon at the Falmouth Recreation Dept. for all ages. Our Elementary School Track Meet is November 23rd it is free and those who register early receive a free tee shirt from VIPS. Students in grades K-4 have a different start time and will race their own age group. Teaticket has won the Spirit Award over the years for this event, the award goes to the school who has the most student participation. We hold two races inside the High School Field House for each age group.  All runners earn two ribbons. We also have a great health expo along with the track meet with healthy snacks and town information. Please watch for the registration form.

If you have any questions regarding Physical Education classes, please contact me at

Preschool News from Laney Cooke-Johnson- Director of Early Childhood Programs

Happy October! Preschool is off to a great start. We are looking forward  to seeing you at our PK Curriculum Night on October 2nd at the East Falmouth School in the library from 4:15-5:15 to learn about some of our curricular, Tools of the Mind, We Thinkers!, and PBIS (the Pyramid Model) as well as Handwriting Without Tears.  If you are unable to attend, no worries. I encourage you to check out these awesome websites:, and We Thinkers! .  You will find informative powerpoints and parent resources regarding how to help your child with self-regulation which is the key to being able to learn. 

Upcoming Event: National Read for the Record Day is November7th this year. We will be reading a special  story in all of our classrooms, Thank you Omu! By Oge Mora a story that explores the timeless themes of generosity, community, and gratitude. Visit  for more information about this great event that we have been participating in as a preschool  program for several years.

Looking for some fun things to do with your children? You live in the right community. As always, check out the Coalition for Children Newsletter. 

 Bethany Gay is the new director and she can be reached at or 508-548-0151 ext. 172.

Reminder: PK picture Day is October 7th, and Early Release is October 22nd  for parent conferences (there will be no afternoon session of preschool).

Thank you for sharing your children with us and partnering in their education.

You can reach me at the East Falmouth School at  508-548-1052 ext. 7 249 or via email