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January Newsletter

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Teaticket Elementary School

January 2019 Newsletter

Sandra M. Kapsambelis – Interim Principal

Meghan Conant – Asst. Principal/SEBA


Principal’s News

Hello Teaticket Families,

Happy New Year and thanks so much to everyone who supported our school and students for the holidays! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break.  As we venture into the colder weather months I wanted to make sure that all of our families knew that we use the child safety weather chart in order to determine whether students go out to play for recess each day. We not only check the temperature but also the windchill to hopefully provide children with the most opportunities to get outside. In order for children to play in the snow, they will need to have a winter coat, snow pants, hat/hood, boots and gloves. If students do not have all of their winter gear, they are allowed to play on the hard top. If families need assistance with acquiring appropriate winter clothing please contact our school adjustment counselors.

On our next early release day is tomorrow January 8th.  We will have a community meeting to address the fourth principle of the PeaceBuilder pledge (Notice and Speak Up about Hurts I have Caused) and all children will be invited to wear their Teaticket colors! We thank you for your continued support and look forward to working with you in the new year.


Best regards,

Sandy Kapsambelis, Interim Principal


Calendar of Events





January 8, 2019

Early Release Day

12:40 pm

January 10, 2019

Fresh Market @ Teaticket Elementary School

3:45 pm

January 11, 2019

PTO Movie Night

6:00 pm

January 14, 2019

Start of Session 2 Before & After School Activities

See Brochure

January 17, 2019

Grade 3 CAST program

9:30 am

January 18, 2019

Kindergarten Report Cards Issued

3:30 pm

January 21, 2019

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

No School

January 23, 2019

Grade 2 Music “Informance”

6:30-7:30 pm

January 24, 2019

School Council

8:15-9:00 am

January 28, 2019

Start of No Guff Week


February 5, 2019

Early Release Day

12:40 pm

February 6, 2019

K-4 Budget Overview @Mullen Hall

5:30 pm

February 6, 2019

PTO Meeting @ Mullen Hall


February 7, 2019

NAEP Testing (designated grade 4 students)

9:05-11:55 am


News from the Front Office

The brochure for session two for the before and after school activities was sent home last week. If your child is interested in participating please return the registration form with your payment by January 9th.  If you need a scholarship due to a hardship please indicate this on your registration form. Thank you, and we look forward to another session of some fun and enriching activities!


Nurse’s Corner

Many children have allergies or sensitivities to various food or other products.  Some children have life-threatening reactions to these allergens, such as peanuts or latex.  Please inform the school nurse if your child has any allergies, so that safety accommodations can be put in place.  The Elementary School Handbook states, no homemade/baked products are allowed in peanut/nut free classrooms for class consumption (i.e. parties).  Items purchased at the store must have a clearly marked label stating all ingredients.  We thank you for your support!

Counselor’s Corner

Happy New Year, families!

This month, there will be a lot of positive happenings at Teaticket. Our Community Meeting will be held on the half-day, January 8th. The Peacebuilding lesson of the month will be about “noticing and speaking up about hurts I have caused”. This is such an important principle of the Peacebuilder Pledge, and in our daily lives. We all make mistakes. We all can think of times when we, or someone we know, has hurt someone else either accidentally or on purpose.  (bumping into someone, forgetting to call someone back on the phone, saying something that accidentally or intentionally hurt someone’s feelings, teasing in school, etc). It is very important to teach our children about accountability for their actions. For example, if they bump into someone, they should not just keep walking. It is good to notice what happened, even though it was by mistake, and apologize or ask the person if they are okay, etc. Or in another example, if they grabbed a toy from a sibling, and the sibling got sad, we would want them to recognize that the unkind action of grabbing had a negative effect on their brother or sister. We would ask them to apologize for what they specifically did: “I am sorry I grabbed the toy, and that I made you sad”. In both of these examples, they are practicing noticing AND speaking up.

            In addition, the entire town of Falmouth celebrates No Guff Week during the last week of January. (January 28th- Feb 1st) At Teaticket, we will be celebrating that week with morning announcements, activities, a community meeting, and lots of discussion about this year’s theme: “Do good things”. The theme is a simple one, and easy to implement everywhere, anytime. Feel free to discuss this with your child at home, and come up with a list of good things that can be easily done!

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach us at the school.

Ms. Poole’s email address;  or Ms. Margolin’s email address;


Art with Mrs. Duffany

Fourth graders are completing their work with complementary colors. After creating painted paper in the style of author and illustrator Eric Carle, fourth grade artists made collages of dogs and cats. The unconventional colored pets are quite funky and fun.

Third and second graders have been mixing values of a color to make some interesting backgrounds for their art. Second grade created a value scale by ripping and collaging blues to create an icy penguin scene, and third graders painted a value moon glow as a backdrop to a wintery, woodsy scene.

First grade and kindergarten students have been practicing directed drawing and combining shapes to make some holiday and winter themed art.

On in-service days in January and February, the Falmouth Art Center will be offering afternoon art classes. For more information about the Art Center, visit:

Other noteworthy kids’ art classes are available at the Cape Cod Conservatory. For more information visit:


Email is the best way to get in touch with me. Please contact me anytime with questions or concerns at,


Library and Technology with Mrs. Rodriguez

In December, all students had the opportunity to learn about computer programming while participating in the worldwide online celebration known as “The Hour of Code”. Kindergarteners and First Graders learned coding by doing activities that used symbols instead of text, such as Kodable and Lightbot. Second and Third Graders experimented with Puppy Adventure and Angry Birds, which use blocks that contain text. Fourth Graders worked with Dance Party, and enjoyed programming their own dances, picking out the music, and dancing during technology and library classes. There is a link to all of these activities on the Teaticket School Technology webpage: “Hour of Code”.

In January, the Fourth Graders will be using the new Lego Wedo 2.0 kits, which will involve building Lego models with battery packs, and then programming them to move, beep, light-up, etc. This robotic Lego program involves coding skills, and is the perfect follow-up to the Hour of Code program. Third graders will be learning to use dictionaries, including the online versions. Second graders will be learning how to log on to their school Google accounts.


Please contact me by email:


Music with Ms. O’Neil

The Grade 2 Informance is scheduled for Wednesday, January 23rd at 6:30 PM. The students have been working very hard all year to put on an out of this world show! We would love to see you at the show. In music, kindergarteners and first graders are playing singing games and learning more about steady beat. Our third graders are focusing on recorder performance skills in small groups and fourth graders are composing individual melodic projects on glockenspiels.


Please contact me by email:


Physical Education with Mrs. Shanahan

It’s great to be back and the students have started net games and racket sports in gym classes. We have played volleyball and are now doing tennis and badminton activities. Target activities will be taught next and we will participate in bowling and curling. The Cape Cod Curling Club sponsors gym curling in all four schools with a tournament at the end of the unit. The Club runs a great youth program called Little Rockers at a very affordable price if your child in interested in participating on the ice.

The mile club is racking up numbers and we have a few students who have completed close to 90 miles and earning trophies! Please keep walking and running with your family and send the notes in to school for us to log. Our food tasting this month will be sweet potatoes in the cafe on the 3rd Thursday of the month. The food tastings are a result of the grant in which all k-4 students are able to participate in. Thank you for your continued support.  

If you have any questions regarding Physical Education classes, please contact me at


Preschool News from Laney Cooke-Johnson- Director of Early Childhood Programs

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  It has been great to see our PK children coming back to school with such excitement and enthusiasm to be back with us! They are anxious to show us their new coats, hats and mittens and to tell us about their new toys and holiday experiences.  It has been an enjoyable week!

It is hard to believe but it is time to start planning for our preschool enrollment for next year. If you would like your child to return to preschool with us next year you will receive a form sent home in the backpack for you to sign and return so that a space will be reserved for your child. For children entering preschool for the first time, the applications for next year are now available. You can access them online under the FPS website, Student Services/ Early Childhood. We can also send copies home in your child’s backpack for siblings or friends. You can request an application and the FAQ document by contacting Lucy Da’Silva at 508-548-1550 option 7 ext. 116 or by emailing  A lottery will be held February 14th at 4:00 at the school administration building to secure spaces for September 2019.

Is your child anxious? Are you struggling with your child’s behavior? If so, please join us for a 5-part series to help you negotiate these challenges as a parent or caregiver. Specialists in the field of early childhood will be featured in this series.  Free childcare is available on a limited basis and you must register. The series is held at the Falmouth Public Library from 6:00-7:30 January 23rd, February 27th, March 27th, April 10th and May 1st.  Call the Coalition for Children to register: 508-548-0151 etx. 172 or email The Coalition for Children and the FPS Preschool department are offering this series free of charge. Remember to check out the Coalition for Children Newsletter for more information on the upcoming series and other wonderful opportunities for families in our generous community! Follow this link:


A few reminders, January 8th  is an early release day.  Only morning students will attend on this day.  Please send in a lunch for your child.  Dismissal is at 12:30. During this time of the year, the weather is hard to predict, but we will always try to go out.  Please remember to send your child to school in a jacket and include a hat, and mittens for outside play.  PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO LABEL JACKETS AND ACCESSORIES. Thank you again for all you do!  


You can reach me at 508-548-1550 ext. 7 118 or via email