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April Newsletter

Teaticket Elementary School

April 2021 Newsletter


Sandra M. Kapsambelis – Principal


Hello Teaticket Families,


This week our whole Teaticket Community has been celebrating No Guff week. We have all worked hard to support each other in keeping a positive attitude and creating a positive school environment. Celebrating No Guff raises everyone's awareness about their part in discouraging negative remarks. I hope your children have enjoyed some of our No Guff activities and are looking forward to tomorrow’s spirit day which is “Dream of Kindness”. All students are invited to wear their pajamas! Throughout the school year we will continue to practice random acts of kindness to unify our school community. 


 After school vacation we will celebrate Autism Acceptance Month with recordings from guest readers and some fun activities. Teaching students about acceptance helps us all to improve our awareness.  We thank the Minshall Family for their efforts in  helping us increase everyone's acceptance and awareness of autism. 


The Department of Education has updated their timeline for MCAS administration once again. We will plan for testing in the area of ELA on 5/18  for grade 4 and 5/20 for grade 3. In the area of math we will test on 5/25 for grade 4 and 5/27 for grade 3. Additional information will be shared with families who have children in these grades. 


Finally, please don’t forget to take a story walk over at Teaticket Park this weekend. This week’s featured story is Hike by  Ms. Farnsworth’s class! 

Best regards,

Sandy Kapsambelis



Calendar of Events





April 19-23

Spring Recess - No school


April 26th

School Reopens

9:05 am

April 27th

School Committee Meeting

6:30 pm

April 29th

School Council Meeting

Lifetouch school pictures outdoors

8:15 am


May 3rd

Rain date for Lifetouch pictures


May 4th

Early Dismissal, No pm preschool

See staggered dismissal schedule

May 18 & 20

MCAS (ELA), grades 4 and 3

9:05 am

May 25 & 27

MCAS (Math), grades 4 and 3

9:05 am


 News from the Front Office

Kindergarten Registration.  Please register  your child for kindergarten if your child will turn 5 before September 1, 2021. The FPS Clipper hats will be available for the first 100 students who register! Please register remotely and bring in the necessary documents to the Teaticket School.  


Please get the word out that we are accepting applications for Preschool too. Please use the links for additional information. You can also access this information by contacting Lucia Conlon: 508-548-1550 option 7 ext 100  or emailing .  


If you know that you will be moving please let us know, it will help in the placement of students for next year.

In the area of special education we would like to update families. Anne Barnes, Assistant Director of Special Education will assist the Teaticket School in chairing IEP team meetings and addressing family concerns in the area of special education. If you should have any questions about your child’s IEP please feel free to email Ms. Barnes at 


Nurse’s Corner

Please consider packing an extra set of clothes in your child’s backpack for spills, slips on wet grass or bathroom accidents – the nursing suite has a limited supply of small clothing. 


For families who may be traveling over the upcoming vacation please read the following travel guidelines so we can keep all of our students and staff safe when we return from the spring recess. If you are planning on traveling please share that information with our school nurse or Jennifer Reissfelder, our public health nurse. 


Also, please explore Cape Cod Cooperative Extension’s, Kids in the Kitchen resource.  They share a series of videos focusing on local agriculture & healthy, fun recipes to make.


If you have any questions/concerns, please email me at 

Counselor’s Corner

Hello families!


It has been an exciting week at Teaticket! We have been busy celebrating No Guff Week. As a reminder, it is the 20th anniversary of this celebration. Throughout the week we have focused on the theme of kindness including the importance of working together as a team, listening to our peers, teachers, and families, using kind, positive words, and helping out those in need. As a school community we celebrated with stories, spirit days, special morning announcements, songs, and several opportunities to discuss the importance of being kind.  


Throughout the rest of the school year we will continue to focus on building resilience during challenging times. When children are kind to others, they are actually building resilience in themselves. This week we spoke to the students about how being kind to someone not only makes the other person happy, but makes you feel good as well. In addition, we should remind children to be kind to themselves, which will certainly help them persevere through challenges. 


If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach us at the school.

Ms. Poole’s email address;  or Ms. Margolin’s email address;

Art with Ms. Crane 

During the 2020-2021 school year art classes focused on the elements of art, as well as ‘what is’ mixed media, color, pop art, printmaking, still life, self portrait, and gesture drawing. At the end of every weekly art lesson, students explain how art can evoke emotion by contrasting and comparing how each student’s piece of art made them feel. Thus, students get a sense of how emotions can convey feelings through art. 


This month the third-grade students will finish their seven-week art course with gesture drawing. After spring vacation, the art cart will rotate through each grade level for two weeks at a time. The final rotation will begin with second-grade students. Each grade will focus on in-depth lesson plans regarding the elements of line and shape. Line and shape are two of the seven building blocks that artists use to create a work of art. Students will explore the different types of line and shape that are commonly used in art. They will complete two final drawings and paintings that incorporate the elements of line and shape into them.


Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or concerns,


Library and Technology with Ms. Scheid

This month 2nd graders have explored a variety of educational applications online including

Padlet, Destiny Discover, Pebble Go and Typing Club. They have learned the difference between Fiction and Non-Fictions stories and information, and Biographies. The students have learned about library call numbers and how different types of books are labeled, classified and arranged on the library shelves. We have also reviewed the use of Google Docs with the toolbar to edit our typed work. The students have been very busy learning and practicing these skills and have been a pleasure to work with! After vacation, Library will begin the final rotation and revisit each grade level for 2 weeks each. We will start with 3rd grade following vacation. I look forward to seeing everyone then!

In Kindergarten, Mrs Green’s class has listened to read aloud stories by a variety of authors each day. The stories are followed by a group discussion of each book, and often a drawing activity related to the book. The students have continued to use ABCya as an online educational application utilizing a variety of games to develop academic skills. The students have  been so much fun to work with!

Please contact me by email: if you have any questions or concerns. 

Music with Ms. O’Neil

Hi families, thank you so much for a wonderful month of March. Next month, we will be heading into our 2 week rotations of specials. I can’t wait to see all of our students again. Thank you for your continued encouragement of your students in music.


Please contact me by email: .

Physical Education with Mrs. Shanahan

We have had great weather and I am finishing up with grade 4 this week. We have enjoyed scooters, red light green light, Rock, paper scissors, what time is it Mr Fox. The students have worked in jump roping, jumping hurdles and hiking to the park. The last round of PE will be all 5 grades seeing me again. I will start with grade 1 and Mrs.  Greene’s class for 2 weeks then move to grade 2 and Mrs. Boudrot, then Grade 3 and finally Grade 4 and Mrs. Meillio the final 2 weeks. 

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions regarding Physical Education class please contact me at .

The Reading Corner with Mrs. Cleary & Mrs. Chicoine

Please visit Teaticket Park for a Story Walk installed by our 4th graders.  Each story focuses on an environmental theme and is supported by questions our students have developed as they work on building comprehension.  Please scan the QR code to let us know you were there! 

If you have any questions please contact us at or 


The Math Corner with Mrs. Bowerman and Mrs. Strong




ST Math’s JiJi and the Teaticket Elementary Community teamed up to solve puzzles for a donation to the Falmouth Service Center!  For every 10,000 puzzles solved during the month of March, JiJi and friends will donate $10 to our neighbors through the Falmouth Service Center.


During the month of March, Teaticket Elementary solved over 55,000 ST Math puzzles!!!  Total puzzles solved this year is over 247,000!!  JiJi is sooo excited!


This challenge is set up to encourage our students to develop perseverance in problem solving with ST Math.  Puzzles in school and out of school count toward our totals.  Our overall goal is to have as many students as possible complete as much of the grade level content as possible before school ends in June to prepare a solid foundation for next year.


Look for our April Break Bingo Challenge!!  Identify new and exciting places that JiJi has visited around Falmouth!