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February Newsletter

Teaticket Elementary School

February 2021 Newsletter

Sandra M. Kapsambelis – Principal


Hello Teaticket Families,


I would like to begin with a big thank you to the PTO for all of their love and kindness during our early Valentine’s Day celebrations this week. Each student was given a small goodie bag and the staff received some treats too!


This month we celebrated Black History Month. Please be on the lookout for the next edition of the  FPS Family & Community Discussions: Race and Racial Equity, 2020 which will focus on privilege.  This document has many tools and resources for families to access at home. At the Teaticket School we are working to put together some virtual libraries and increasing the diversity of our classroom libraries which will support our curriculum throughout the school year.   


Believe it or not, February break is just around the corner!  On February 25th when we return from break we will begin our Banking Days once again. Students who are enrolled will be issued new coin wallets and will turn in their deposits to their classroom teacher on Thursdays. Paperwork was sent home at the beginning of the week with details Martha's Vineyard Bank.


Please take a close look at the calendar section of the newsletter. There are a few important dates such as early release days and no school on March 19th. During the first week of March we will celebrate Read Across America, Dr. Suess’ birthday and the PTO will have another virtual book fair from March 5th - 18th. 


On March 10th we have plans for a virtual ST Math Family night. The event is scheduled to begin at 6:30pm and is open to all students. Please take a look at the flyer for additional details.


We thank everyone for their continued support and hope you all enjoy time with your families during the winter break. We look forward to seeing everyone back at school on February 22nd!


Be Well,

Sandy Kapsambelis, Principal


Calendar of Events





February 15th-19th

Winter Recess

No School

February 22, 2021

Schools Reopen

9:05 am

February 25, 2021

Virtual School Council Meeting

8:15 am

March 1, 2021

Start of new specials rotation

See individual classroom schedules

March 2, 2021

Early Release Day- morning preschool only, no PM preschool

See staggered dismissal schedule

March 3, 2021

Virtual PTO meeting

6:00 pm

March 10, 2021

Virtual ST Math Night

6:30 pm

March 19, 2021

Professional Development Day for staff

Grades close grades 1-4

No School

March 24, 2021

Early Release Day- All students will work remotely in the afternoon

See staggered dismissal schedule

April 1, 2021

Report Cards Issued at dismissal- Grades 1-4

Remote Families can pick up on April 5th  or they will be mailed home.

April 2, 2021

No School

No School


 News from the Front Office

Kindergarten Registration.  Please register  your child for kindergarten if your child will turn 5 before September 1, 2021. The FPS Clipper hats will be available for the first 100 students who register! Please register remotely and bring in the necessary documents to the Teaticket School.  


Please get the word out that we are accepting applications for Preschool too. Please use the links for additional information. You can also access this information by contacting Lucia Conlon: 508-548-1550 option 7 ext 100  or emailing .  A lottery will be held March 1st at 4:00 at the school administration building to secure spaces for September 2021.  


A friendly reminder for your child(ren) to wear weather appropriate attire.  In order for children to play in the snow, they will need to have a winter coat, snow pants, hat/hood, boots and gloves. If students do not have all their winter gear, they are only allowed to play on the hard top. If families need assistance with acquiring appropriate winter clothing please contact our school adjustment counselors.


Nurse’s Corner

Due to the many questions about testing and traveling during the upcoming vacation we would like to remind you all of the COVID-19 guidelines for testing and traveling for the Falmouth Public School District. The two most common tests available for identifying COVID-19 are the PCR test and the rapid antigen test. The PCR test is the most accurate diagnostic test for identifying a current COVID-19 infection. The Falmouth School District will accept the PCR and rapid antigen tests for individuals with symptoms and individuals who have been exposed. The PCR test is required for travel. 


If you are traveling within the United States please follow the following guidelines: 

When traveling to a high-risk state for greater than 72 hours, you must:

Fill out the “Massachusetts Travel Form” AND receive a negative COVID test that was taken 

no longer than 72 hours prior to your return to MA

OR Quarantine for 10  days.


When traveling to a high-risk state for 72 hours or less, you must: 

Fill out the “Massachusetts Travel Form” AND receive a negative COVID test AFTER 

your return to MA

OR Quarantine for 10 days


International Travel

  • You must show a Negative COVID-19 test result before boarding the airplane
  • Return from Travel: Must get tested 3-5 days after travel AND stay home: self-quarantine for 7 days after travel.** Even if you test negative, stay home and self-quarantine for the full 7 days.**
  • If your test is positive, isolate yourself for 10 days until fever-free for 24 hours without use of fever-reducing medication AND symptoms improving.​​


Please Review: International Travel Guidelines per CDC


Please review the Mass Gov. website for travel guidelines: If you are choosing to test instead of quarantining, all children, regardless of age, need to be tested if they have visited a state not currently identified as low risk.


Tests should be submitted to the Public Health Nurse or School Nurse before returning to school. Please do not send your child to school without confirmation that the test results have been received. If you have any questions/concerns, please email me at 

Counselor’s Corner

Hello families!


Please take a moment, and think about all of your successes so far this year. Some may seem large and some may seem very small. No matter the size, it is important to take note of our personal ability to keep moving, and to accomplish things. Sometimes, life seems to move too fast, or to be too overwhelming, to recognize these small accomplishments each day. However, it is in the noticing of these small successes where we cultivate our own beliefs that we CAN cope with what life presents us. The habit of noticing our strengths, gains, and successes can translate into a stronger sense of resilience. 

If you feel like this might be hard to do, imagine how hard it may be for our children to find this within themselves. We need to help them, by naming and pointing out their good deeds, strengths, gains, and successes. Here are some examples:

 “Wow! You worked so hard on that math homework, and you didn’t give up! I am so proud of you.”  (Success= effort and determination)

“I really like the patience you are using waiting for your little sister right now. You are doing a great job.” (Success= skill of self-regulation)

“I see that you tried to pour your own milk for the cereal… and it made quite a mess. I am proud of you for trying. Let’s clean this up, and then let me show you a few tricks for the next time.”  (Success= attempting a challenge)

“I notice that some days are harder than others, and you don’t always want to go to school. But, I see that you get dressed, and get moving, even on the days when it is hard. Nice job.”  (Success= emotional strength/growth/perseverance)


We can help our children create and find confidence in their own abilities to cope with the world and its challenges. There are opportunities all around us to notice things that we have accomplished.  


As we have discussed this year, there are many aspects that enter into building stronger resilience. Creating routines, building relationships, asking for help, taking care of ourselves physically, and now, we add noticing our personal power. Congratulations on all you have done, juggled, and needed to do to get you and your family moving forward, even during these challenging times. 


If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach us at the school.

Ms. Poole’s email address;  or Ms. Margolin’s email address; .

Art with Ms. Crane.

I’m so excited to announce this month selected students in second grade will be participating in “Through Young Eyes” an Exhibition at The Cape Museum of Art. This is a “FREE” art show that features the works of Cape Cod Students grade K through 12 presented by the Cape Museum of Art  and the Cape Cod & Islands Art Educators Association. The selected works have been curated by art teachers in the region and represent over 20 school. The exhibition raises awareness of “Youth Art Month”.



Questions or concerns,  

Library and Technology with Ms. Rodriguez and Ms. Scheid

 Fourth graders are working hard on a long term project with many parts! They are using their creative writing and organizational skills to write the text (story) to a wordless picture book provided from our library.  These books have beautiful illustrations but no words! After reviewing the books and studying the pages in sequence, the student develops a plot  to summarize the beginning, middle and end of the book, writing sentences and paragraphs to match each section. The students then utilize  google slides on their chromebooks to create a slide presentation highlighting their books. This has been a longer project with multiple parts and the students are doing a great job!


In kindergarten, the students are learning how to properly handle their chromebooks, how to use the power button, and how to click and drag with the mouse. They are also practicing how to shut the windows down and turn off the computer to save battery power. Students are enjoying educational games through the online app ABCya to develop both academic and technical skills. We read a book (or two) each day and engage in a follow up discussion related to each one. The  students have exciting  comments to share!  We are also using  paper and pencil/crayon activities to help students develop fine motor coordination and visual motor skills such as drawing, tracing and coloring pictures related to the story. I hope everyone has a terrific break! Stay warm and healthy!! If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by, 


Music with Ms. O’Neil

Hi everyone -- please keep your eyes peeled for a video that will show you some of the awesome things we have been working on this year during our music classes! I plan on featuring a variety of different classrooms as well as highlighting a variety of activities. We have been working on body percussion pieces along with a variety of styles of music, compositions, and reading skills. Thank you for your continued support of music in our schools. If you have any questions (even about offerings outside of our school related to music), as always, please contact me by email:

Physical Education with Mrs. Shanahan

I am just finishing up with Grade 3 and getting ready to start with Grade 4. The weather has been challenging but we are doing our best to continue to be outdoors. With the fields being muddy we have moved to the empty parking lot. We have been using razor scooters which were donated by some generous grade 4 parents and playing games. When we have been forced inside due to weather we have covered some health lessons on safety, nutrition, germs and the dangers of drugs.  When students are moved to remote for any reason I have a playlist for them to follow in order to get their lessons from home. I will have a workout daily as well as an additional lesson. All lessons are posted on the specialist google classroom under PE and the classroom teachers also post my lessons on their own classroom playlist.  All students are welcome to follow the posted playlists.

Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions regarding Physical Education class please contact me at . 




This month we are celebrating African American/Black History Month.  We have posted Kadir Nelson’s If You Plant a Seed and Derrick Barnes & Gordon C. James’  I Am Every Good Thing on our story walks, in the halls of Teaticket, for students to enjoy.  We have also updated our landing pages with access to a virtual African American/Black History library.  This virtual library allows children and families to listen to a variety of books written by, illustrated by, or featuring African Americans.  Please take time to enjoy our library by clicking on the image below or by visiting our landing pages. We hope you will discover a new favorite book!




Please be on the lookout for our ST Math Winter Break Challenge!  Look for the BLUE bingo card coming home on Friday.  We are encouraging our students to continue solving puzzles with JiJi during the February break.  Fill in at least one row or column of the BINGO card and return it to school after break.  The card will be entered into a drawing for exciting JiJi prizes.

The Falmouth Elementary Math Instructional Coaches are excited to share the announcement of our first Virtual ST Math Family Math Night!  


Please join us on Wednesday, March 10, at 6:30 via zoom to learn what all the fuss is about with JiJi!!


Virtual ST Math Family Night - via zoom  


  • Can a game change the way you feel about math?
  • What is ST Math and how was it developed?
  • How can ST Math help develop better problem solving skills?
  • Watch how games are played and what math is involved!
  • Time to play a game!  
  • How can you work with your child - the puzzles are tricky but JiJi will help - if you watch closely!
  • Share resources and where to find them
  • Get all of your questions answered!