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June Newsletter

Greetings from the Principal

The academic year is coming to a close and we still face a great deal of uncertainty with how schools will operate next year. Administrators and staff will work throughout the summer to create and revise plans to meet the requirements we must work under from the state, while also having alternate plans ready should they be needed. I wish that I could offer more concrete detail, but we simply do not know what the data may look like before schools are set to reopen. We will keep you all informed throughout the summer as soon as information is available.

With the stress of dealing with a pandemic already on our minds, it has been especially sad to see how other events have unfolded across our nation. I have been asked by a few of you about how to support children through these kinds of events. Staff will soon be receiving resources from the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education to support this work. You can also reach out to me at any time and I would be happy to help.

Jeffrey C. Riley, Commissioner of Education for the state, offered some powerful words in his most recent address to school administrators. He stated, “As educators, we have a responsibility to help young people navigate the world. Now, more than ever, students need us to support them as they try to make sense of this tragedy. “He concluded by saying, “Despite the anger, sadness, and frustration that many of us feel, I hope we will use this moment to bring about much-needed positive changes.”

Young children have a very difficult time completely understanding issues that they may see on the evening news or hear adults talk about. They do, however, have an acute awareness of what is fair and kind. That mindset can start to be formed at a very early age. For me, as a parent of young children, that is where I will continue the work of making a positive change.


Medications:  If your child has any medication in the Health Office medication pick up will occur in conjunction with pick up of student belongings when that date is set.  Medications must be picked up by a parent/guardian. If unable to do so, the parent/guardian may assign an alternative adult for pick, but I must be informed of this change and provided the designated person's name and relationship to the student. Parents do have the option of not picking up the medication and having me dispose of it. I will be in touch with all parents whose child has medication in the office prior to the pickup date. Thank you.

Websites:  A reminder of two good websites for health information.  You can subscribe to free e-mail newsletters containing helpful health and nutrition information for your family.  Go to the websites and follow the links to subscribe.

*Healthy Falmouth -

 *Cape Cod Cooperative Extension Nutrition Education—Food For Thought newsletter -

 If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at



Are you moving? Will you be leaving the North Falmouth School district at the end of this school year? Please email the main office at and complete the proper paperwork so there is no delay in getting your child's records to the appropriate school. Thank you for your help.


Kindergarten Registration!!   If you did not register your kindergartener for next year, please go to the FPS website, click on families and complete a registration packet.  Don’t forget your child’s birth certificate, immunizations records and proof of residence which could be a copy of an electric, gas, or oil bill showing the “service deliver to” address.  Thank you.


Math Coaching Corner with Mrs. Bowerman and Ms. Strong

Hello families!

As we enter our last month of the school year, we’d like to recognize and commend the effort and hard work of your teachers as they learned and created new ways to teach your children from a distance. We’d also like to thank all of you for helping to support your children in their ‘at home classroom’ in the midst of so many challenging circumstances. It is our hope that you were able to find some silver linings over the past couple of months. As teachers, we love being with your children throughout the day and watching them grow in so many ways. In this busy world, sometimes the time families have together can be so limited. For better or worse, this pause has provided a unique opportunity to come together as a family that has not happened in many, many generations. As challenging, frustrating, and perhaps painful as life can be at times right now, the benefits to many will be long-lasting.

 As we move into our summer on Cape Cod, we have some exciting math news! As you may have read in Dr. Duerr’s most recent email, our district is the recipient of a generous grant from the One8 Foundation. This grant will provide for summer learning and engagement of mathematics with the expanded and enhanced ST Math program. This program will be available to all FPS students in grades K - 4 and will provide a unique opportunity for students to develop their mathematical understanding through play. The program itself is based on extensive research of how children internalize mathematical concepts.

 Research shows:

  • memorizing all the different ways to solve math problems isn't enough for long-term success,
  • working through challenging problems builds a deep understanding of how math concepts work,
  • all children are capable of succeeding in math,
  • early math skills are the number one predictor of later academic success (more than literacy skills or positive student behaviors)

If more students develop a solid foundation in math at an early age, experiencing the boost in skills and confidence needed to persist through more challenging problems, how many more students will we see graduating high school with proficiency in math?

  • ST Math has replicated the process of developing deep understanding of mathematical concepts through play.
  • ST Math students work to solve age-appropriate, ability-driven mathematical puzzles.
  • ST Math is designed to engage students and encourage them to persevere to solve challenging problems.

JiJi, the ST Math mascot, hopes to spend some time with our students this summer through sustained weekly connection. Look for more information about ST Math soon!! And, keep an eye out for JiJi!

 Have a GREAT summer!!

Mrs. Bowerman and Ms. Strong

Instructional Math Coaches, Falmouth Elementary School