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April Newsletter

Greetings from the Principal

I miss you all so much! I could not find any other way to better express how I feel this month. Not being present in school and seeing the smiling faces of engaged students and passionate staff members is a truly strange feeling. While we may not be able to see each other right now, we can still carry on as members of a special learning community.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the faculty members and administrators in Falmouth for their response to the sudden school closure. With very little notice, everyone rolled up their sleeves and worked to create the first phase of the Continuity of Learning plans to support student learning at home. The intent of these initial plans was to maintain student progress and provide enrichment for what was scheduled to be a three-week closure. Now, with school not scheduled to resume until at least the beginning of May, Falmouth staff are now working through digital platforms to create the next phase of the Continuity of Learning plans. These plans will expand the opportunities for student growth using a combination of teacher created instruction and more independent activities that can be adapted to meet individual family needs. Designing the Continuity of Learning plans has presented us with a unique challenge as there is no precedent for this kind of action. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding during this challenging time.

I also want to express my appreciation for all that you do as families to support your students at home. Hearing from some of you during these last few weeks, I am thrilled to see the creative ways that you are all continuing learning. From starting seeds in cups for science to using cooking as a way to explore fractions, you have brought the joy of school to a new structure without missing a beat. As the parent of two children myself, ages 5 and 8, I can appreciate how challenging this task can be. Schedules will inevitably look different than a regular day and this is fine. Take advantage of unexpected opportunities for learning and remember that educating the whole child goes beyond the traditional core academic subjects.

If you want to reach out to me at any time, please do not hesitate. My email address is:                              would love to see some pictures of your students and the amazing work they are doing with you!

Also, please know that Angela LeBlanc, School Adjustment Counselor is available for support for students families during this time. Her


Important Reminder

As of March 26 schools are closed until May 4

*Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make homeschooling easier!

*VIPS will be seeking nominations for the outstanding volunteer of the year award for each school soon!


The Math Corner with Mrs. Bowerman and Mrs. Strong

Hello all North Falmouth Families!First, as Math Coaches, we hope that you are doing well and understand that everyone's first priority right now is your family!We are supporting your teachers as they prepare math lessons. Math is all around you - just keep counting, measuring, and playing games along with your teachers’ assignments.

ST Math Instructions:

Card Games to play together:

Family Math Games, Grades K - 2:

Family Math Games, Grades 3 and up: