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February Newsletter

Greetings from the Principal

Do we stop being creative as we get older? I have asked myself this question recently as I have watched our new entryway mural take shape at North Falmouth this week. Our artist-in-residence, Caleb Neelon, certainly never lost his creative passion, as you will certainly see when he completes his latest project.

I was delighted to learn from Caleb that he now works closely with the artist/illustrator Ed Emberley. Ed, now 88 years young and living in Ipswich, Massachusetts, has had a long career that has touched many generations of young readers and artists. He first gained national recognition through his award-winning illustrations in the children’s book Drummer Hoff (1968). Later, he inspired many elementary school children, myself included, through his series of drawing books that taught us to make amazing creations using basic shapes and lines. Following Ed’s methods, my classmates and I had lots of fun drawing worlds filled with our own versions of his monsters, aliens, buildings, and nature. Ed is still actively creating art and, most impressive of all, his style continues to change and evolve.

Caleb shared that he created a small, blue creature as a child by using Ed’s books as a guide. That little blue guy now finds his way into almost all of Caleb’s murals as a reminder of the creativity we innately can unleash as children. You will be able to meet Caleb’s creature, who is joined by 2 friends of the same species, when you come to visit our new mural.

Through our partnership with Caleb, I have been reminded to celebrate and encourage the creativity of children. My hope is that through this mural project, and many other experiences in school, our students will be inspired to hold onto their creativity and express themselves throughout their lives. That expression can take many forms, from visual arts to sports, but it is our job as parents and educators to let it blossom. Let them play! I won’t easily forget this simple truth while working at North Falmouth, thanks to some new blue friends that will greet me each time I enter the building.


Up Coming Events:

Feb. 12 - Gr. 1 Music Performance 6:30 p.m.

Feb. 17-21 - NO SCHOOL - Winter Vacation

Please visit our calendar at:

We hope to see you at many of these events.


Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten registration for the 2020-2021 school year will be held at our school Feb. 24-28 times TBD with an evening session on Feb. 27 from 4:30-6:30 p.m. and then again April 27-May 1 times TBD with an evening on April 16 from 4:30-6:30 p.m.  All children who will be 5 years of age by August 31, 2020 are eligible to register. Registrants must provide the school with proof of residency, birth certificate, & immunization records. Keep an eye out for a flier will be sent home as the dates get closer. 


Change in Dismissal

This is a reminder about the dismissal change policy for elementary schools. We ask that, as much as possible, you follow the dismissal plan that you completed for your child at the beginning of the year. and routines help children feel safe and eliminate unnecessary confusion. changes to the dismissal plan are necessary, please send a note in with your child detailing your request. you need to make a change by telephone, please call the school before 3:00. calls received after 3:00 should be for emergency changes and will be referred to administration as the office staff will be busy preparing for dismissal at that point. you for your cooperation with this important matter.



Important News


  • Please call Safe Arrival prior to 9:15 a.m. if your child will be tardy or absent for the day.
  • When you drop items off at school for your child, please make sure they are labeled with your child’s first & last name, and the teacher’s name.
  • Please keep lunch charges up to date. Money may be added to accounts by using
  • Please continue to be safe in our parking lots. Keep children with you and please drive slowly.         


Testing 2020

MCAS testing for grades 3 & 4 will take place this year on Thursday, April 16 & Friday, April 17 and again on Thursday, May 14 & Friday, May 15.

It is important that all children make an effort to be here on time each day. Please look ahead to your schedules and if need be, rearrange any appointments. Additional information will be sent home as we get closer to the dates.


Outdoor Recess

We plan to go out for recess each and every day. Unfortunately, Mother Nature sometimes gets in our way. Using a chart produced by the Child Care Weather Watch out of Iowa, we make a determination as to whether or not it is safe for children to be outside. This chart takes into consideration air temperature and wind speed. As with anything, it is not always black and white and we do take other factors into consideration. We ask for your help by sending students to school prepared to go out. This includes snow-pants, boots, hats, mittens and jackets. This way, if it is a day that is borderline we can get them out in the fresh air knowing they are dressed appropriately!  Thank you for your cooperation.



From the Nurse:

A reminder to all families of the 24-hour rule.  Children who are absent due to illness should not return to school until they are:

  • fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication
  • Free of vomiting and/or diarrhea for 24 hours
  • On antibiotics for a contagious illness for 24 hours

All medications, whether over the counter or prescribed, must be stored in the health office and proper permission forms must be completed in order for the school nurse to administer them.  All medications must be transported to and from school by a parent, NOT in the student’s backpack.  Cough drops are considered a medication, & must be kept in the health office, and require a note from a parent/guardian to be administered.  More detailed information on medications in school can be found in the Falmouth Public Schools website and in the FPS Elementary School Handbook.




Try the Number Line Madness Game attached to support your children's love of numbers!  Also, be on the lookout for information on our Math Game Night coming soon!

People of all ages love to play games that are fun and motivating. Games give students opportunities to explore fundamental number concepts, such as the counting sequence, one-to-one correspondence, and computation strategies. Engaging mathematical games can also encourage students to explore number combinations, place value, patterns, and other important mathematical concepts. Further, they afford opportunities for students to deepen their mathematical understanding and reasoning:

  • Playing games encourages strategic mathematical thinking as students find different strategies for solving problems and deepen their understanding of numbers.
  • When played repeatedly, games support students’ development of computational fluency.
  • Games present opportunities for practice, often without the need for teachers to provide the problems. Teachers can then observe or assess students and work with individuals or small groups of students.
  • Games have the potential to allow students to develop familiarity with the number system and with “benchmark numbers” (such as 10s, 100s, and 1000s) and engage in computation practice, building a deeper understanding of operations.
  • Games support a school-to-home connection. Parents can learn about their children’s mathematical thinking by playing games with them at home.

Article excerpt from National Council for Teachers of Mathematics by Kathy Rutherford, 4/27/2015