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Important Reminders

  • Delayed Opening/Early Weather Release - If there is a delayed opening, there will be NO YMCA.  If there is an early weather release, there will be NO PM YMCA.


  • BRINGING ITEMS TO SCHOOL- If you need to bring an instrument, lunch, or dismissal note to school for your child, please buzz the office and let them know.  Please stop at the office and leave the item on the office counter.  Please make sure the item is labeled with your child's name and their teacher's name. The staff will make sure it gets to your child. Instruments are to be left on the office counter and students should check the counter at the end of the day to retrieve their instrument. If your child has forgotten his or her instrument, calls home are not made. Students who forget their instruments are expected to attend their lesson without their instrument.


  • DRESSING FOR THE WEATHER - We head outside for recess every day possible! With the cold weather upon us, please be sure to dress your children for the outdoors. Please have your children bring a coat, hat, gloves and boots when it is necessary.   It is also important to label everything, so that items may be retrieved and/or returned to you if they are lost.