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December 2020 Newsletter


Happy Holidays!!!!


Greetings from the Principal

We have come to the final month of a year that all of us will surely never forget.  Through the collective efforts of our entire school community, we have managed to keep school open for our students and maintain remote learning environments, both for families requiring it as a full-time option and for those with a temporary need.  Our staff has done an amazing job working under very different conditions from any other year and doing their absolute best despite many challenges.  Students have been resilient and have continually impressed everyone with their positive energy and engagement with their learning.

 The success that we have enjoyed so far will need an even greater, more determined effort from all stakeholders in order to continue.  As you have surely read in the news and heard from local health updates, the upcoming months will be challenging.  The number of COVID-19 cases has been increasing in Falmouth and across the region.  The good news is that we have not seen evidence of transmission within the school buildings yet and studies are showing that schools are relatively safe places in the community for our staff and students.  

 We can all do our part to help.  I urge everyone to follow Gov. Baker’s updates and all health recommendations.  As Scott McGann, the town’s Public Health Agent, recently recommended, we need to remember the behaviors we had in the spring.  Limiting our contacts, following travel restrictions, wearing masks, practicing good hand hygiene, and maintaining recommended social distancing guidelines will go a long toward making the winter months better for everyone.  North Falmouth has always rallied to any cause that would benefit the children we serve.  Together, I know we can all do our part to meet this challenge.  


  • *Wednesday, December 16 - Half Day of School (In-person am/Remote pm
  • December 23 (Half Day-NO remote p.m.) - January 4 – Christmas/New Year’s vacation

 *BRINGING ITEMS TO SCHOOL- If you need to bring an something to school for your child, please buzz the office letting them know that you have left something on the table outside the front doors.  Please make sure you label the item with your child’s name and who their teacher is.  The staff will make sure it gets to your child.  Students who forget their items at home will not be allowed to call home asking someone to drop it off.

*DRESSING FOR THE WEATHER - We head outside for recess and outdoor learning every day possible! With the cold weather upon us, please be sure to dress your children for the outdoors. Please have your children bring a coat, hat, gloves and boots when it is necessary.   It is also important to label everything, so that items may be retrieved and/or returned to you if they are lost.

*Gr. 1-4 REPORT CARDS will be sent home on Friday, January 8th.

 *The 2020-2021 winter season is fast approaching.  School and town officials monitor weather and road conditions.  If conditions are severe enough to place students’ safety at risk while traveling to and from school, a decision will be made by the Superintendent at 5:30 a.m. to close or delay the opening of schools and she will make a ConnectEd message to parents/guardians.  You may also listen to the local TV or radio stations for that announcement.  The administration building number, (508) 548-0151 will have a recorded announcement providing information by 6:00 a.m.  Please do not call the Police or Fire departments for information on school closings.  To clarify the policy on delayed openings: all school and bus times will be two hours later than the regular starting time which would be 11:05 a.m. at North Falmouth School.  School will end at normal times.  All other school activities will take place at their regularly scheduled times unless otherwise noted.  In the event of a delayed opening, students are not to be on the school grounds until 10:50 AM.  YMCA will NOT be open in the morning. In the event of severe weather conditions once school is in session, early dismissal of students may be made.  Radio stations will broadcast this news at least one hour in advance of dismissal.  Parents must have a back-up plan for their children in case no one would be at home.  YMCA will NOT be open on early dismissal days.