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School Council Agenda/Minutes - November

North Falmouth School Council

November Agenda

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  • District Goals Review and School Success Plan

 Goal 1:  Equity for Cultural Proficiency

Goal Statement:  Through specific and scaffolded professional learning, the Falmouth Public Schools will foster a common, districtwide language and expectation for equity rooted in cultural proficiency to positively impact student growth and success for all learners. 

The following are core foci of our work:

  • relationships and interactions
  • shared values
  • school culture
  • pedagogy
  • curriculum
  • shared practices
  • Policy

Action steps we can take as a school to work towards this goal:

  • Diversity in hiring practices
    • Falmouth has larger presence at jobs fairs and other forums
    • Applicants can voluntarily share background information on their applications
  • Actively teaching anti racism & looking at our curriculum
  • Restorative justice (teachers started PD on this in 2019-2020 school year)
  • Parent Suggestion: Having a speaker at an assembly addressing whole school on this (one book, one community)
  • Enhancing school libraries with more diverse titles
  • Looking to hire a diversity coordinator for town and schools
    • WHOI looking into this too
  • Education on diverse backgrounds
  • Parent: Caroline Hill organization 
    • At younger ages trying to understand personal identity
    • When you learn your identity wheel, you notice what you think about and don’t
  • Creating a school culture that makes challenging discussions and discomfort okay
  • Grade 2 making sure the texts their reading shows different cultures as they begin their cultural diversity unit
    • Seeing commonalities and making it more of a celebration among students 
    • Beginning of them learning they aren’t from Massachusetts
  • Mr. Adams would like to start a working group or branch of school council to continue this discussion (families, teachers) educating ourselves, have a working book study, guess speakers, letting another group see what we’re doing and how we’re trying to make progress -- needs its own forum
  • Land acknowledgement in the classroom 
  • Thanksgiving through the eyes of the Wampanoag presentation in town (history retold) advertised in local publications 
  • Eight cousins typically has diverse books highlighted
  • Wampanoag shop in Mashpee Commons showing movies 
  • “Super Heroes are Everywhere” by Kamala Harris -- book for young children


In year 1, the district leadership team will launch professional learning to establish common language to challenge our beliefs, understandings, and practices in the pursuit of equitable academic and social emotional outcomes for all students

Among the areas of concentration are:

Engage in Cultural Proficiency PD 

Define equity and unpack three components: diversity, belonging, and inclusion

Disrupt and dismantle inequity in all its forms

Revise, rethink curriculum (windows & mirrors)

Align policies and protocols

            Update student/family handbooks

            Listen to and amplify voices of staff, students, families

            Allow students to bring their whole selves into the classroom

Learn about restorative practices: practice revised instructional and behavioral strategies

            Pilot of strategies within responsive classroom that can be scaled

            Set expectations for what scaled implementation looks like in year 2


Goal 2:  Partnership with the Woods Hole Professional Community

Goal Statement:  Through sustained engagement with our partners, FPS will enrich its teaching and learning through hands-on, authentic engagement in living classrooms and the exercise of interdisciplinary learning to achieve our mission to offer world-class learning for all students.

-work started on this before school closures in spring 2020

In year 1, the district leadership team will continue quarterly liaison meetings and biannual forums. In addition, partners will lean into curricular mapping and offer increased professional learning. 

Among the areas of concentration are:

            Align standards by partner and setting

            Pilot learning in living classrooms with attention to means of scaling

            Advocate for grant or other sources of funding

            Add the Learning Partnerships Specialist

            Set expectations for what scaled implementation looks like in year 2

-WHOI looking to hire diversity coordinator 

- looking to hire diverse individuals

- applicants have to write diversity statements on applications

- mentoring

- was looking to add a liaison position with WHOI

- how can we as a school enhance our relationship with WHOI 

            - field trip to the different institutions

            - Mike Feeney (SS Department Head at FHS) mapping to help further study history

            - having annual trips embedded into the curriculum

            - getting parents from WHOI involved 

            - possibilities of staff professional development getting training in the labs (science PD) 

            - teachers working with the scientists to help make the content more relatable to the students

            - cross disciplinary connections 

            - grade level leaders are compiling lists of needed science materials for hands on activities 

            - WHOI grants included broader impact section so they can get $ to develop educational curriculum

  • Possibly having lessons via Zoom with WHOI scientists 
  • WHOI helping with our curriculum down the road
  • Student internships 
  • makerspace  - using the scientific method and problem solving  

Goal 3:  Three Models for Safety, Student Engagement, and Learning

Goal Statement:  FPS will leverage sound safety protocols (e.g., mask wearing, physical distancing of 3’ - 6’, and routine hand hygiene practices) to engage students in dynamic and robust  in-person, hybrid, and remote  learning. 


  • Policies and procedures
  • Guidance from DESE
  • Models for Learning/Time on Learning
  • Supports for Learning
  • Operations

Teaching and Learning:

  • In-person Learning Model
  • Remote Learning
  • *Hybrid Model
  • Special Education
  • Outdoor Classroom work

Learning Community:

  • Home and school connection/communication
  • Social and emotional well-being

Health and Safety: 

  • COVID-19 hygiene protocols
  • Physical distancing
  • Custodial support
  • HVAC systems

School Updates

    • New staff added to support remote learning:
      • Mrs. Anna Irwin - grade 3 staff assistant
      • Mrs. Susan Miskovsky - grade 4 staff assistant
    • Additional special education teacher being added to support increased needs and shifting of staff to reopen the TLC program.
    • Open Discussion
  • Parent Q: Is budget affecting hiring?
    • Cares act gives some short term money
    • Have to think long term/sustainable (when we add it, we can keep it)
    • WHOI coordinator will be put on hold (and other new positions)
  • Next year? Models? Could be similar to current school configurations but depends on vaccine
  • Teacher planning time is so important (extra step of uploading things into google classroom)
  • Bike path and bus capacity