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October Newsletter 2020

Greetings from the Principal

                                    Welcome Back

It has surely been a long, winding road back to the full reopening of school, but seeing the happy faces in classrooms this week has been worth the wait!The teachers and staff at North Falmouth have been planning and discussing this return to our full schedule for many months, so having it finally arrive has been a joy.It has also been amazing to see how education has changed to meet the needs of the present in such a short amount of time.

In this new educational reality, our staff now has the responsibility for supporting students both at school and at home.This has never been attempted before on such a large scale and we are learning more each day about how to balance both roles successfully.Some ideas may work and others will need to be modified.As such, we truly appreciate your support and patience as we continue to refine our professional practice.We invite you to reach out to us with your feedback.For any new innovation to be successful, it will take the collective dedication of our entire school community and a willingness to maintain an open dialogue.

I want to thank the many members of our staff and community for supporting our reopening this fall.The Outdoor Learning Spaces committee, headed by Amy Leonardi and the wonderful members of the Falmouth Rotary Club helped to transform our grounds into organized learning and recess spaces.Our custodial team worked tirelessly to reconstruct our physical plant to support in-person learning for all students K-4. The extra hours they worked are countless and I will never forget their good spirit throughout the long summer weeks of preparation.Our wonderful PTO supported our students by purchasing and assembling personal school supply kits for each grade level.They are also providing unprecedented, ongoing support to all staff this year to make sure they have what they need to make school successful for our students.I am also constantly in awe of the dedication and professionalism of our instructional and administrative staff.They always put students first in all that they do and I am honored to work with them.Finally, a great deal of thanks must go out to our school nurse, Mrs. Pam Coakley.Our district’s medical staff are being called upon to provide their expertise and guidance each and every day to make in-person learning a possibility.They are amazing!

This year will undoubtedly look different than any school year in living memory. Together, I know that we will make it special for our students, no matter what challenges we must face.Our Dories are off on another adventure!


Volunteers and Visitors! There will be NO volunteers & visitors allowed in school this year.  Thanks for helping our teachers and students stay safe.

If your child forgets something at home.  Students will NOT be allowed to call home.  There will be a table outside the front doors starting at 9:30 to leave the forgotten items.  Make sure you label it with your child's name & their teacher name.   We will check the table each hour and distribute any items that are left.

Absent, Tardy, Vacation.. Please remember to call our safe arrival line no later than 9:15 to report an absence or tardy. The number is 508-563-2334 ext. 4.  Also, if you are going on vacation please send a note/email with detailed dates to your child’s teacher.  Thank you for helping us keep track of all the students!

From the Cafeteria…Breakfast & lunch is free for all students through the end of the school year.


Hello from the Falmouth Elementary Math Coaches!

This year all K-4 Falmouth students will engage with a powerful online learning tool called ST Math.

ST Math is carefully designed to be effective and challenging. Puzzles start out simple and get harder as your student progresses. To help your student solve problems, ask what is happening in the games and have them explain their thinking.

Research shows that love of math and math ability both increase with more time spent in ST Math. To get the best results, here are recommended weekly time goals:

           Kinder & 1st grade: 60 minutes per week

     2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade: 90 minutes per week

Students will be automatically logged in to ST Math through their google account when they enter ST Math through the Falmouth Public School Website.SCROLL DOWN that student page and click on the ST Math portal,looks like the penguin on the right.

This opportunity was made possible through the MassStem Hub/One8 Foundation. Please reach out to us or your student’s teacher with any questions or comments.


Robin Bowerman and Stacey Strong and