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Peek of the Week May 15 - May 23


Dear East Falmouth Families,

      Happy Friday!  Creating connectedness for our students and teachers continues to be of utmost importance. The purchase of our Chromebooks that will be delivered for our K-2 students by drive up pick up at the high school, is on hold as we do not yet have a delivery date.  Stay tuned as there has been a monumental demand for them to provide access and equity to students across the country.    By now you should have received the latest Continuity of Learning plans for your child.  If you have not received it please notify us.  Our teachers are working hard to connect with their students and have been doing more Screencastify and Pre-recorded lessons so that students can continue to hear from their teacher while at the same time connecting with them on Zoom.  Our teachers continue to learn what the possibilities as we move forward in this remote world.  

     Our grading this report card period will be ME (Meeting Expectations) and NME (Not Meeting Expectations).  As long as your child has been engaged with his or her teacher and has been working on the continuity of learning plans they are meeting our expectations during this unprecedented time.  Remember that Fridays have been set aside as a day to work on the Specialists remote plans.  

     We are awaiting the Governor's direction on Monday May 18 as for the next steps in our current restrictions.   We will not have families returning to the school for any left-over personal belongings from cubbies or desks until we learn more.  We have a plan and will announce it when we are permitted to leave our homes. 

Sunshine this weekend!  Keep finding ways to enjoy the outdoors safely.    


Office Hours for Specialists - As addressed by Dr. Duerr in her last FAQ to parents, specialists are to schedule office hours.  These office hours are intended to support students and families with the successful completion of, and engagement in, the Continuity of Learning Plans.  Office hours are now available for all specials (Art, Library/Technology, Music, Physical Education) through email for students and families to get additional help with assignments from 10:00 - 11:00 on Friday's.  (Assignments can be completed at any time of the week that best fits your household schedule.)  Please feel free to contact the specialists via email for any additional help or questions you might have.  For clarification, this will be the third week that students have been provided time on Friday's to complete their specialist's activities.  Thank you!
Art (Mrs. Graff):
Library/Technology (Ms. Draper):
Music (Mr. Charles):
Physical Education (Mr. Watson):


East Falmouth Reading Challenge:   We will be collecting the March & April minutes via a separate Blackboard Connect email. We will announce the winning grade levels in an upcoming Peek of the Week! We have attached the May Reading Challenge Sheet for you to log your minutes (see below)! Happy Reading! 

FYI:  The Falmouth Service Center is offering curb side food pick up on Tuesday's, Thursday's and Friday's from 10:00-12:00. No need to get out   of your car, they will bring it to you! 

Idea from Ms. Draper:  

"While Zooming with some classes today, a few third and fourth grade students mentioned to me how they didn't have any new books to read at home.  I let them know that I had some resources for them where they can read books on their Chromebooks, or if they have a tablet/phone at home.  Through the Falmouth Public Library, patrons can access Overdrive, where they can read a large variety of eBooks.  The books available are for kids, teens, adults, and everyone in between!
For those students who do not have an active library card, they can apply for a (free!) card online with the help of an adult, and OverDrive will be available to them through June 30th.  This is the link to apply for a card:"  Thank you Ms. Draper for this resource.


Continuity of Learning Pages  - To access the Continuity of Learning pages for Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Art, Music, Library, Physical Education and the newly added April Recess Student Learning on the Falmouth Public Schools District website, please click on the link below: 

April Recess Student Learning direct link

Preschool Continuity of Learning direct link

Kindergarten Continuity of Learning direct link

Grade 1 Continuity of Learning direct link

Grade 2 Continuity of Learning direct link

Grade 3 Continuity of Learning direct link

Grade 4 Continuity of Learning direct link

Fine Arts (Art & Music) Continuity of Learning direct link 

Physical Education Continuity of Learning direct link http://

Library & Technology Continuity of Learning direct link http://


Math Coaching Corner with Mrs. Bowerman and Mrs. Strong

Hello families!   

We realize this last month has been much different than our usual Cape Cod spring and we are hoping you have been able to find some time to relax with your family.  In anticipation of our feathered friends returning, we are excited to announce that the birdhouse/birdfeeder contest has been extended!  Click here for the contest guidelines.

In support of your math learning objectives, we are sharing the May Math Learning calendar.  Math is all around YOU - this calendar helps you discover how you can use your math skills in many ways - every day of the month!  Zorbit's Math May Calendar.