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No Guff Week


NO GUFF DAY: A History of the Event 

Where did NO GUFF come from? -by Greg Gilbert, former FHS Adjustment counselor Based on hundreds of mediations, I found that there were far too many conflicts related to people talking negatively about others. So l began working with students to organize a positive atmosphere in the 2000 2001 school year. A student from that group, John Domingos, termed the phrase "no guff." The first NO GUFF DAY was meant to be a proactive way to handle conflict. The slogan that year was "Don't Go Behind The Back" (on the back of a T-shirt)

Doug Riebesehl, a fun-loving former FHS teacher, enlisted several students to produce hundreds of T-shirts to celebrate NO GUFF. It was a diverse group, some of whom had never been involved in traditional high school activities. Amazingly, this venture was not budgeted and Mr. Riebesehl used his own resources to fund the shirts. Shortly after this effort, we lost Doug to a tragic motorcycle accident. Ever since, NO GUFF day has been held in his remembrance, as he empowered students to get involved in creating a positive atmosphere

Another major influence in creating this environment in 2001 was Joe Mello, the other FHS Adjustment Counselor. "Mello" was able to start a similar involvement at New Bedford High School a few years later. He passed away in summer of 2007. Like Doug, Mello made a huge impact on students in less than 10 years at FHS. Many people have worked at keeping NO GUFF DAY alive over the years. Like the first NO. GUFF DAY, students continue to embrace this critical part of education. We have had one common theme throughout wear this shirt and pledge to not talk negatively about anyone for the day. If you can do this for one day, with 

support from your peers, it may have a more lasting impact. It has raised awareness, changed the environment and made people feel better about themselves and others. All are encouraged to take the NO GUFF pledge: "I will not speak, text or post anything negative about anyone for an entire day.

At FHS, students vote for one male and one female classmate who they feel exemplify NO GUFF in their everyday lives. We put their names on a plaque in the lobby of FHS. It is a great honor since everyone has equal opportunity to win. Staff also vote for colleagues who exemplify the No Guff spirit. In 2014, the No Guff Community Spirit Award was created to honor a Falmouth resident who lives and practices a No Guff lifestyle. Recipients Sam Pearsall Mueller (2014, co-founder of Jack's PACT), Craig D'Amario (2015, personal trainer and coach), Jennifer Connors (2016, community member and volunteer), and Annie Hart Cool (2017, community member, realtor, theatrical producer) were nominated through a simple process open to the entire community. 

In recent years, all schools have been involved in creating events and different ways of celebrating No Guff with their students and staff, making it truly a district-wide event. In 2018, we will celebrate the 18th anniversary of No Guff. Since 2010, the entire town has been invited to observe No Guff. Selecimen will declare the week of January 29th February 2nd No Guff Week in Falmouth and we welcome participation from businesses, schools, and individuals




 No Guff 2020 

Count on M


OUTSTANDING - (Stand out from the crowd) 




Friday, January 31 (C day) - MPS Night at FHS Girls' Basketball FUN Support Mr. Buscher's team - Tickets $

Monday, February 3 (D day) - No Guff Kick Off Assembly -The No Guff Pledge ~ "I will not speak or text anything negative about anyone for an entire day." 

Tuesday, February 4 (12 day of school) - Dress Up Day Dress for your future success

Wednesday, February 5 (E day) You've got mail!Write a kindness note to a classmate

Thursday, February 6 (F day) Your future is so bright!" - Neon Color Day

Friday, February 7 (A day) - Student VS Teacher Basketball Game and  No Guff T Shirt Day 6* grade 1:10 - 1:50 5* grade 2:00 – 2:40