Reorganization of Subcommittees

  • Subcommittees Members
    Budget Bill Rider, Terri Medeiros, Lisa Hart, John Furnari
    Negotiations Kelly Welch and Andrea Thorrold
    Policy Melissa Keefe, Terri Medeiros, Leah Palmer, Andrea Thorrold
    Superintendent’s Evaluation Lisa Hart, Natalie Kanellopoulos, Leah Palmer, Terri Medeiros


    Other Assignments Members
    Affirmative Action Committee Representative Natalie Kanellopoulos
    Cape Cod Collaborative Board John Furnari
    Legislative Representative Terri Medeiros
    SPED PAC Liaison John Furnari
    VIPS program Representative Andrea Thorrold
    Falmouth Education Foundation Liaison Leah Palmer
    School Building Needs Terri Medeiros
    Bill Signing Bill Rider and Kelly Welch
    Technology Advisory Melissa Keefe
    Health and Wellness Task Force Andrea Thorrold, Natalie Kanellopoulos, Bill Rider
Last Modified on January 22, 2021