• To learn and practice skills in mathematics and numeracy, Clippers use i-Ready Classroom Mathematics (simply called i-Ready), a connected learning system for assessment, instruction, and support.

    Students are assessed three times a year using the i-Ready Math Diagnostic, which provides comprehensive insight into student learning and growth to help teachers meet the needs of all students. Students will use the “Try-Discuss-Connect” routine framework, which deepens conceptual understanding and promotes collaborative problem solving, helping to build each student’s math confidence.

    In addition to daily direct teacher instruction, a key component is the personalized learning platform called My Path. Students in grade 5 also use Fluency Flight to practice fact Fluency.

    Grade 5 Learning includes:

    • Solve word problems using addition and subtraction of fractions

    • Solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems with decimals

    • Understand and solve problems involving volume

    • Solve problems using the coordinate grid (graphs)

    Grade 6 Learning Includes:

    • Solve word problems with ratios and rates

    • Understand and use negative numbers

    • Use variables (like x) and write expressions (like 8x + 7) and equations to solve problems

    • Understand and use language related to basic statistics

    • Solve real-world problems related to area, surface area, and volume

    The Teaching & Learning of mathematics at Morse Pond School is supported by our Elementary Math Instructional Coach, Mrs. Karen Karson.