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    Lawrence School phone: (508) 548-0606

    Karin Smith Special Education Teacher Team 1 (7th grade) ksmith  
    Joan Tegge Special Education Teacher Team 2 (7th grade) jtegge  
    Karen Hart Special Education Teacher Team 3 (7th grade) khart  
    Stephanie Carreiro Special Education Teacher Team 4 (8th grade) scarreiro  
    Amanda Hinsman Special Education Teacher Team 5 (8th grade) ahinsman  
    Heather Sciarretta Special Education Teacher Team 6 (8th grade) hsciarretta  
    Melissa Crim English Language Development (ELD) Teacher Teams 3 & 6 mcrim  
    Donald Valentine Social Justice Teacher 8th Grade dvalentine  
    Barbara Blumberg Speech/Language Pathologist Speech/Language bblumberg  
    Elizabeth Argentieri Reading Specialist Specialist eargentieri  
    Abir Zaineh Connect Program Teacher Special Education Programs azaineh  
    Rory Morse Connect Program Teacher Special Education Programs rmorse  
    Erin Mello Learning Center Special Education Teacher Special Education Programs emello  
    Daniel Perea-Kane French/Spanish Teacher World Language dpereakane  
    Eileen Cahill Music/Chorus Teacher Music ecahill  
    Madeline Hally Music/Band Teacher Music mhally  
    Joseph Morency PE/Wellness Teacher Physical Education/Health jmorency  
    Katherine Murphy PE/Health Teacher Physical Education/Health kmurphy  
    Josh Oliver PE/Health Teacher Physical Education/Health joliver  
    Tiffany Van Mooy Art Teacher - 7th grade Art tvanmooy  
    Karyn Phares Art Teacher - 8th grade Art kphares  
    Lynn O'Connell Digital Literacy & Innovation Teacher - 7th grade Digital Literacy & Innovation loconnell  
    Katlyn Cabral Digital Literacy & Innovation Teacher - 8th grade Digital Literacy & Innovation Teacher kcabral  
    Janice Lewis Engineering Teacher - 7th grade Engineering jlewis  
    Bob Porto Engineering Teacher - 8th grade Engineering bporto  
    TBA Media/Library Media/Library   505
    Dorinda Condon Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant dtollios  
    Cindy Crista Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant ccrista  
    Anastacia D'Agostino 1:1 Aide Teaching Assistant adagostino  
    Erin Dell'Arciprete Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant edellarciprete  
    Samantha Haywood Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant   shaywood  
    Heather Kelley Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant hkelley  
    Noel Martin Teaching Assistant   Teaching Assistant   nmartin  
    Kate Masterson Teaching Assistant   Teaching Assistant kmasterson  
    Suzanne Moriarty Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant smoriarty  
    Jenna Noelte 1:1 Aide Teaching Assistant jnoelte  
    Heather O'Connor Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant hoconnor  
    Tracie Smith Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant tsmith  
    Mary Beth Tenca 1:1 Aide Teaching Assistant mtenca  
    Angela Woodward Staff Assistant In-School Suspension  awoodward 514
    China Mapp Schoology Integration Coach Schoology Integration Coach cmapp  
    Crystal Santiago School Monitor School Monitor csantiago  
    Frank Zuccarello School Safety Monitor Safety fzuccarello  
    Donald Drew Head Custodian Custodial ddrew 506
    Chris Botelho Custodian Custodial cbotelho  
    Frank Halstead Custodian Custodial fhalstead  
    Sean Johnson Custodian Custodial sjohnson  
    John Medeiros Custodian Custodial jmedeiros  
    Frank Rose Custodian Custodial frose  
    Rebecca Botelho Food Service Manager Food Service rbotelho 507
    Eileen O'Reilly Food Service Staff Food Service eoreilly  
    Wendy Paine Food Service Staff Food Service wpaine  
    Barbara Rothwell Food Service Staff Food Service brothwell  
    Caleb Giguere Permanent Building Based Sub Substitute cgiguere  
    George Spivey Permanent Building Based Sub   Substitute gspivey  
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