In-School Diagnostic Testing

  • Falmouth Public Schools has been approved for in-school diagnostic testing. Diagnostic testing has two components:

    1. Symptomatic Testing: When a student or staff member presents with symptoms during school, they may be tested with a BinaxNOW rapid antigen test (and depending on results, may be recommended for a PCR test). Please do not come to school or send students to school if they are experiencing symptoms at home.
    2. Test and Stay for close contacts: If an asymptomatic student or staff member has been identified as a close contact of a COVID-19 positive individual, they may be tested in school with a BinaxNOW rapid antigen test for at least five (5) days from the first day of exposure. This option allows asymptomatic students and staff to remain in school with a negative test.

    Staff and students identified as a close contact outside of school must follow the traditional quarantine protocol. The Test and Stay option is only available to close contacts identified during school.

    Parent/Guardian consent for both testing programs is required. Students and staff members who do not participate in the test and stay program will be required to quarantine for at least 7 days from the date of exposure, remain asymptomatic, receive a COVID test on day 5 or later and receive a negative PCR or rapid antigen test result, and monitor for symptoms through day 14 (and self-isolate if symptoms develop). If an individual chooses not to take a PCR or rapid antigen test on day 5 or later, then the quarantine is at least 10 days from the date of exposure. Please see below if an individual is symptomatic or COVID-19 positive.

    Consent to Test

    Parents may complete the online consent form for in-school testing. We will also send a paper copy home on the first day of school for anyone who does not want to fill out the online form. Link for consent: