Falmouth School Presents: High School Musical

Scheduled Content

  • Scheduled Content streams only play at the specified event date and time. This is not an On-Demand event and cannot be viewed at any other time.

    • Scheduled Content is a “Watch Party,” everyone will be watching together.
    • You will not be able to pause or rewind.
    • You can watch on a computer or mobile device (Recommended browsers) or on your Apple TV by downloading the ShowTix4U app. Learn more here.
    • You will receive an email with a link following your purchase. Only one device can use the link at a time.

Three different ways to watch

  • (Only 1 device per access code can be logged into a stream.)

    • On a computer or mobile device, simply click the “Watch Stream” button as shown in the example below.

    • On your AppleTV, download the ShowTix4U app and enter your unique 6 digit alphanumeric Stream Access Code (example found in the section below). 

    • You will be given the option to download your Access Codes and receipt from your purchase confirmation email. Distribute to your guests, and have them enter their 6 digit alphanumeric Stream Access Code at www.ShowTix4U.com/stream

    You will receive an email like the example below with the following information after you “purchase” the stream.

    Below are your stream access links. Only 1 device can be logged in to a stream access link at a time.