Woodworking Technology

  • Woodworking Technology courses explore the application of engineering principles to solve practical problems and teach the use of tools, materials, and processes of industry and engineering design. Related science and math principles are stressed throughout all courses while students develop skills using processes of the construction, manufacturing and communications fields. Our program is designed for all students regardless of educational or career goals and provides an in-depth foundation for career preparation.

    Woodworking Technology Pathway
    Completion of this pathway will result in
    OSHA 10 Hr. Construction Certificate



    Core Skills


    Introduction to Woodworking

    Semester Long

    • Fractional Measurement
    • General Woodshop safety / Lab safety
    • Correct machine/hand tool selection and operation
    • Safety tests (4) on stationary machine tools


    Advanced Woodworking

    Year Long

    • Order of operations / Sequencing in woodworking
    • Assembly line concepts
    • Material identification and selection
    • Safety tests (2)
    • Introduction to more advanced machine/hand tools
    • Jig and template design


    Construction Systems

    Year Long

    • Safety tests (2)
    • Scaled measurement and scaled construction
    • Safety on mobile construction tools used in  industry
    • Structural layout using 16” on center
    • Framing identification and selection
    • Finishing concepts, trim siding, and roofing


    Woods Independent Study

    Year Long

    • Continuation of Woods Program
    • Can be completed in conjunction with senior project
    • Individual Project
    • Detailed scale model
    • In depth cutting boards
    • Custom Adirondack chairs
    • Printing with Laser engraver


    Intro to CAD

    Semester Long

    • Blueprint Reading
    • Orthographic, isometric, multi-view drawings
    • Fractional measurement
    • Competency in AutoCAD software
    • Scaled drawing and measurement