Business & Career Readiness

  • Students may take courses in Business to see if they like a particular type of business activity, to prepare for an entry-level job immediately after high school, or to prepare for a major in business school, junior college, or college.
    The program provides skills training for immediate entry into the world of work as well as preparation for advanced studies in the fields of Accounting, Banking, Finance, Economics, Business Administration, Word Processing, and
    Computer Technology. The college preparatory student is afforded the opportunity to acquire a strong foundation for success in advanced courses at the college level as well as the acquisition of personal-use skills. These courses utilize the FHS Rubrics, as well as project checklists, to assess students.
    Courses offered within the Business & Career Readiness Department include Accounting, Financial Literacy, and Internship Preparation. The Senior Internship Program is also managed within the Department.