• Mission Statement

    The core subject of Art is for every child and every child can be successful.

    The curriculum is designed to provide many different types of experiences to allow each child to discover his/her interests, talents, and potentialities and to develop the skills and appreciation that will continue for life.

    Art experiences are planned so that immediate success is possible, yet graduated in difficulty so that progress is always being made in some of the many aspects of these content areas.

    These experiences are meaningful so that students understand the purpose of whatever is being undertaken.

    Teachers guide students in a variety of activities and use the level of difficulty appropriate to the particular situation. These subjects are integrated with other subjects whenever this is appropriate and meaningful. Student’s work will be assessed according to personal improvement based on their level of understanding.

    Special opportunities, such as participation in district, state, and national programs will be available to students who have interest and ability.

    Staff Directory

    NAME (click on name for email) POSITION
    Steven Edwards Fine Arts Department Head K-12


    Falmouth High School

    • Falmouth High School phone: (508) 540-2200

    NAME (click on name for email) POSITION EXT
    Corine Adams Ceramic Art Teacher 5103
    Jane Baker Studio Art Teacher 5298

    Lawrence School

    • Lawrence School phone: (508) 548-0606
    NAME (click on name for email) POSITION
    Tiffany Van Mooy Art Teacher - 7th grade
    Karyn Phares Art Teacher - 8th grade

    Morse Pond

    • Morse Pond School phone: (508) 548-7300
    NAME (click on name for email) POSITION
    Aimee Maseda Art Teacher - 5th & 6th grade

    East Falmouth Elementary School

    • East Falmouth Elementary School phone: (508) 548-1052
    NAME (click on name for email) POSITION
    Anissa Graff Art Teacher - K-4

    Mullen Hall Elementary School

    • Mullen Hall Elementary School phone: (508) 548-0220
    NAME (click on name for email) POSITION
    Nancy Giordano Art Teacher - K-4

    North Falmouth Elementary School

    • North Falmouth Elementary School phone: (508) 563-2334
    NAME (click on name for email) POSITION
    Kathryn Famely Art Teacher - K-4

    Teaticket Elementary School

    • Teaticket Elementary School phone: (508) 548-1550
    NAME (click on name for email) POSITION
    Julie Duffany Art Teacher - K-4
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