Staff Directory

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    East Falmouth School phone: (508) 548-1052

    Mr. Paul Goodhind  Principal Office / Admin pgoodhind 7203
    Janice Nigro-DiRamio Assistant Principal/SEBA Office / Admin jnigrodiramio 7202
    Bridget Janerico Secretary to Principal Office / Admin bjanerico 7200
    Lucia DaSilva Special Needs Secretary Office / Admin ldasilva 7201
    Melissa Hayward Adjustment Counselor Office / Admin mhayward 7210
    Lindsay Marble  Adjustment Counselor Office / Admin lmarble  7251
    Lori Weseman School Nurse Office / Admin lweseman 7204
    Michael Fedele  School Psychologist Special Education mfedele  7212
    Mariah Melanson  Preschool Teacher  Preschool  mmelanson  7240
    Julianna Sullivan  Preschool Teacher  Preschool jsullivan  7261
    Kristin Lilly  Preschool Teacher  Preschool  klilly 7272
    Allyson Lennon Preschool Teacher  Preschool  alennon 7273
    Michelle Ouellette Preschool Teacher Preschool mouellette  
    Nadia Gillis  Kindergarten Teacher Kindergarten ngillis  7262
    Heather Duffany Kindergarten Teacher Kindergarten hduffany 7242
    Jill Baker  Kindergarten Teacher Kindergarten j_baker  7269
    Karen Serdy 1st Grade Teacher Grade 1 kserdy 7247
    Taryn Noonan 1st Grade Teacher Grade 1 tnoonan 7241
    Tracy Chorches 2nd Grade Teacher Grade 2 tchorches 7278
    Katie Karl 2nd Grade Teacher Grade 2 k_karl 7243
    Matthew Manchester 3rd Grade Teacher Grade 3 mmanchester 7254
    Kate Skehill 3rd Grade Teacher Grade 3 kskehill 7245
    Dustin Fauth 4th Grade Teacher Grade 4 dfauth 7285
    Jay Hauptmann 4th Grade Teacher Grade 4 jhauptmann 7256
    Nicole Mele 4th Grade Teacher Grade 4 nmele 7255
    Christine O'Brien SPED Teacher Special Education cobrien 7287
    Susan Stegeman  SPED Teacher Special Education sstegeman  7282
    Lisa Howell  SPED Teacher Special Education lhowell  7288
    Lisa Willcox Speech/Language Special Education lwillcox 7274
    Kelly Mish  Preschool Speech/Language  Special Education kmish 7250
    Mary McGrath  Preschool Speech/Language  Special Education mmcgrath  7280
    Krista Morey Clarkson  ELL Teacher  ELL kmoreyclarkson 7246
    Michelle Dugay Martinez  Occupational Therapist Special Education mdmartinez  7263
    Sue Lunn Occupational Therapist   Special Education slunn 7270
    Elaine Curtis  Physical Therapist Special Education ecurtis  7283
    Monique Lafreniere Music Teacher Specialists mlafreniere 7264
    Tara Draper Library/Technology Teacher Specialists tdraper 7205
    Angel Belfiore Reading  Specialists abelfiore 7267
    Lynette Perdiz-Cash Reading  Specialists lperdizcash 7258
    Anissa Graff Art Teacher Specialists agraff 7275
    Dave Watson Physical Education Specialists d_watson 7268
    Stacy Strong  Math Coach  Specialists  sstrong  7219
    Diane Kashgegian  Kindergarten Teacher Assistants dkashgegian  Call Office
    Maria Rusko Kindergarten Teacher Assistants mrusko Call Office
    Nora Kinsella Special Education Teacher Assistants nkinsella Call Office
    Patricia Marks  Special Education Teacher Assistants pmarks Call Office
    Tina Roderick Special Education Teacher Assistants troderick Call Office
    Amanda Surrette  Special Education Teacher Assistants asurrette Call Office
    Sarah Carton  Preschool  Teacher Assistants scarton Call Office
    Dawn DePrizio Preschool  Teacher Assistants ddeprizio Call Office
    Heather Emerson  Preschool  Teacher Assistants hemerson  Call Office
    Joanne Harney  Preschool  Teacher Assistants jharney Call Office
    Lori Ivory  Preschool  Teacher Assistants livory  Call Office
    Robin Provost  Preschool  Teacher Assistants rprovost Call Office
    Patricia Cosgrove  Health Assistant  Health Assistant  pcosgrove  7211
    Afsaneh Afshar  1-1 Teacher Assistant  Teacher Assistants aafshar  Call Office
    Sherri McGhee 1-1 Teacher Assistant Teacher Assistants smcghee Call Office
    Elisabeth Villanueva 1-1 Teacher Assistant Teacher Assistants evillanueva Call Office
    Sabrina Gillis  1-1 Teacher Assistant Teacher Assistants sgillis  Call Office
    Dominique Kirk 1-1 Teacher Assistant Teacher Assistants dkirk Call Office
    Elizabeth Kirk 1-1 Teacher Assistant   Teacher Assistants   ekirk Call Office  
    Josh Blaylock  Building Based Substitute  Substitute jblaylock Call Office
    Kathleen Flynn Building Based Substitute    Substitute   kflynn Call Office  
    Francesca Weiss Teacher Assistant Teacher Assistants fweiss Call Office
    Susan Logan Teacher Assistant   Teacher Assistants slogan Call Office  
    Megan Hamilton McKeon Building Based Substitute  Substitute mhamiltonmckeon Call Office
    Denise Savoy Manager Cafeteria dsavoy 7207
    Elaine Swire Cafeteria Worker Cafeteria eswire 7207
    Jeff Silveira  Head Custodian Custodial jsilveira  7206
    John Keleher  Custodian Custodial jkeleher 7276
    David Geggatt Custodian Custodial dgeggatt 7277
    Meredith Gardner Safety and Security Monitor Support Staff mgardner Call Office
    Thomas Scarpellini Crossing Guard Support Staff tscarpellini Call Office
    Elaine Swire YMCA Support Staff eswire Call Office
Last Modified on March 22, 2023