Staff Directory

  • Please add to any listed email addresses to contact the appropriate staff member or call North Falmouth School at (508) 563-2334 and enter the teacher's extension when prompted.

    Rebecca Vieira Principal Office / Admin rvieira 303
    Melissa Varao Assistant Principal/SEBA Office / Admin mvarao 302
    Christine Tavares Secretary to Principal Office / Admin ctavares 300
    Lisa Zmuda Sped Secretary Office/ Admin lzmuda 301
    Angela LaBlanc School Adj Counselor Office / Admin aleblanc 310
    Jaclyn McMurray School Adj Counselor Office/ Admin jmcmurray 305
    Pamela Coakley School Nurse Office / Admin pcoakley 304
    Carol Chamberlain Health Assistant Office cchamberlain 304
    Safe Arrival       309
    Nicole Saltmarsh Kindergarten Teacher Kindergarten nsaltmarsh 324
    Melissa Larrey Kindergarten Teacher Kindergarten mlarrey 374
    Tanika Vargas Kindergarten Teacher Kindergarten tvargas 327
    Sharon Edgar 1st Grade Teacher Grade 1 sedgar 318
    Amy Turner 1st Grade Teacher Grade 1 aturner 336
    Katelyn Green 1st Grade Teacher Grade 1 kgreen 354
    Julie Groezinger 1st Grade Teacher Grade 1 jgroezinger 396
    Karen Zychowicz 1st Grade Teacher Grade 1 kzychowicz 375
    Samantha Emerson 2nd Grade Teacher Grade 2 semerson 333
    Christy Castleberry 2nd Grade Teacher Grade 2 ccastleberry 351
    Kathy Bowker 2nd Grade Teacher Grade 2 kbowker 338
    Cheryl Giardi 2nd Grade Teacher Grade 2 cgiardi 369
    Darnielle Foley 3rd Grade Teacher Grade 3 dfoley 358
    Kim Muma 3rd Grade Teacher Grade 3 kmuma 350
    Maryann Morris 3rd Grade Teacher Grade 3 mmorris 353
    Sarah Murphy 4th Grade Teacher Grade 4 smurphy 377
    Colleen Durepo 4th Grade Teacher Grade 4 cdurepo 308
    Michael Irving 4th Grade Teacher Grade 4 mirving 315
    Kim LeBoeuf 4th Grade Teacher Grade 4 kleboeuf 349
    Joe Deneen Head Custodian Custodial jdeneen 306
    Roger Dutra Custodian Custodial rdutra 325
    James Miner Custodian Custodial jminer  340
    Nancy McGee SpEd Teacher Special Education nmcgee 329
    Cathleen Edwards SpEd Teacher Special Education cedwards 332
    Jen Tarpley SpEd Teacher Special Education jtarpley 365
    Joanna Lombardi TLC  Special Education jlombardi 334
    Kate Behlman Sp/LA Teacher Special Education kogrady 312
    Stephanie Feronti ESL Teacher Special Education sferonti 311
    Michele Travers SpEd Teacher Special Education mtravers 330
    Michael Fedele Psychologist Special Education mfedele 317
    Caryn Montella Reading Teacher Reading Specialist cmontella 335
    Barbara Wallace Reading Teacher Reading Specialist bwallace 384
    Korey Charles Music Teacher Music Specialist kcharles 343
    Susan Fishback PhysEd Teacher PE Specialist sfishback 313
    Kathryn Famely Art Teacher Art Specialist kfamely 364
    Kristin Bergeron Library/Media Tea Librarian kbergeron 346
    Judy Foley Grades 1-4 Teacher Assistant jfoley 357
    Jane Guresh Kindergarten Teacher Assistant jguresh 360
    Jasmine Bishop TLC  Teacher Assistant jbishop 326
    Kathreen Mahoney TLC  Teacher Assistant kmahoney 376
    Sheryl Lopes Grades 1-4 Teacher Assistant slopes 363
    Lori Raber Grades 1-4 Teacher Assistant lraber 316
    Cindy Jimenez Grades 1-4 Teacher Assistant cjimenez 396
    Jennifer Falcone Kindergarten Teacher Assistant jfalcone 372
    Kim Ferreira Kindergarten Teacher Assistant kferreira 331
    Slader Merriman Sped 1:1  Teaching Assistant smerriman 367
    Monica Saba Sped 1:1  Teaching Assistant msaba 379
    Sandra Licciardi Kitchen Cafeteria  slicciardi  307
    Kristina Roderick Kitchen Cafeteria kroderick 307
    Ann Culley Building Sub Building Sub aculley  
    Jo Frame Building Sub Building Sub jframe  
    Nancy Fauteux Safety Monitor Safety Monitor nfauteux  
    Beth Juaire NF YMCA Director YMCA   774-534-2527
Last Modified on January 19, 2023