Staff Directory

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    Teaticket School phone: (508) 548-1550

    Sandy Kapsambelis Principal Office / Administration 102 skapsambelis
    Krista Connelly Assistant Principal/SEBA Office / Administration 110  kconnelly
    Laura Dalton Adjustment Counselor Office / Administration 103 ldalton
    Helene Goetz Adjustment Counselor Office / Administration 190 hgoetz
    Gary Simpson School Psychologist Office / Administration 111 gsimpson
    Dawn Williamson Secretary to the Principal Office / Administration 100 dwilliamson
    Brooke McCarthy Special Education Secretary Office / Administration 101 bmccarthy
    Mary Kate Petrucci School Nurse Office / Administration 104 mpetrucci
    Amanda Jeffries Kindergarten Teacher Kindergarten 156 ajeffries
    Stacey Boudrot Kindergarten Teacher Kindergarten 157 sboudrot
    Robin Greene Kindergarten Teacher Kindergarten 172 rgreene
    Erin Crapo Grade 1 Teacher Grade 1 166 ecrapo
    Kimberly Bombaugh/Stephanie Arnott Grade 1 Teacher Grade 1 144 kbombaugh/sarnott
    Caroline McArdle Grade 1 Teacher Grade 1   cmcardle
    Tara Gouin Grade 2 Teacher Grade 2 165 tgouin
    Jody Kirincich  Grade 2 Teacher Grade 2 188 jkirincich
    Amanda Kelleher Grade 2 Teacher Grade 2 154 akelleher
    Kelly Geist Grade 3 Teacher Grade 3 169 kgeist
    Tiffany Miranda Grade 3 Teacher Grade 3 173 tmiranda
    Nichole Freeman Grade 3 Teacher Grade 3 170 nfreeman
    Ashley Farnsworth Grade 4 Teacher Grade 4 182 afarnsworth
    Michelle Mokeler Grade 4 Teacher Grade 4 150 mmokeler
    Camille Hamilton Grade 4 Teacher Grade 4 155 c_hamilton
    Denise Jones Preschool Teacher TIP Preschool 172 djones
    Renee Budd TIP Teacher TIP 123 rbudd
    Nancy Leger TIP Teacher TIP 123 nleger
    Rachelle Miranda Preschool Teacher TIP Preschool 171 rmiranda
    Jennifer Cleary Academic Support Specialists 183 jcleary
    Ann Chicoine Academic Support Specialists 174 achicoine
    Sarah Deane Special Education Specialists 167 sdeane
    Suzanne Swift Special Education Specialists 112 sswift
    Lisa Miquelle Special Education Specialists 176 lmiquelle
    Michelle Delorie ELL Teacher Specialists 181 mdelorie
    Lindsay Barandas ELL Teacher Specialists   lbarandas
    Mary McGrath Preschool Speech Pathologist Specialists 167 mmcgrath
    Lisa Dwyer Speech Specialists 151 ldwyer
    Sue Lunn Occupational Therapist Specialists 176 slunn
    Mary Crowell Occupational Therapist Specialists   mcrowell
    Meg Szatkowski Occupational Therapist Specialists   mszatkowski
    Elaine Curtis                   Physical Therapist Specialists 192 ecurtis
    Julie Duffany Art Specialists 175 jduffany
    Marjorie Huelsman Music Specialists 196  mhuelsman
    Carrie Shanahan Physical Education Specialists 177 cshanahan
    Kathy Rodriguez Library Specialists 105 krodriguez
    Sophia Byrne Gr. 3 & 4 Teacher Assistants   sbyrne
    Deanne Rockwood Gr  2  Teacher Assistants   drockwood
    Kathleen Roth Gr. 1 Teacher Assistants   kroth
    Cathy Moynihan TIP TA Teacher Assistants   cmoynihan
    Lisa Gauthier Kindergarten TA Teacher Assistants   lgauthier
    Aryana Weathers Kindergarten TA Teacher Assistants   a_weathers
    Alexandra Rebelo-Lazaro Kindergarten TA Teacher Assistants   clazaro
    MaryEllen Woods TIP TA Teacher Assistants   mwoods
    Renee Lopes TIP TA Teacher Assistants   llopes
    Ashlei Weathers TIP TA Teacher Assistants   aweathers
    Caitlin Sterner TIP TA Teacher Assistants   csterner
    Cheryl Flett 1:1 Aide Teacher Assistants   cflett
    Selena Alvarado 1:1 Aide Teacher Assistants   salvarado
    Caroline Tansey 1:1 Aide in preschool Teacher Assistants   ctansey
    Patti Nelson Preschool TA Teacher Assistants   pnelson
    Kristin Kallberg 1:1 Aide Teacher Assistants   kkallberg
    Jindaii Barbel Preschool TA Teacher Assistants   jbarbel
    Jill Kelly Preschool TA Teacher Assistants   j_kelly
    Carrie Leonard Preschool TA Teacher Assistants   cleonard
    Kelly DePina Preschool TA Teacher Assistants   kdepina
    Michael Wager Safety and Security Monitor Support Staff   mwager
    Kevin Pimental Head Custodian Custodial   kpimental
    Jovun Humphrey Custodian Custodial   jhumphrey
    Joao DaSilva Custodian Custodial   jdasilva
    Roberta Cabral Kitchen Staff Kitchen   rcabral
    Janet Martins Kitchen Staff Kitchen   jmartins
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