• Lawrence School will continue to offer a variety of intramural and interscholastic sports for both female and male students

    FALL:        Soccer,  Field Hockey,  Golf

    WINTER:   Basketball,  Volleyball,  Fitness Club

    Interscholastic: *

    FALL:          Field Hockey, Cross Country, Soccer, and Football (8th & 9th graders with FHS) 

    WINTER:    Girls and Boys Basketball

    SPRING:     Track and Field

    *Requires an annual physical. Please provide a copy to the coach and to the Health Office

    **For the purpose(s) of participation in Interscholastic Sports and/or Student Council, the Lawrence School has adopted the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) standards as they apply to a prohibition of student use of tobacco products, non-prescription drugs, and/or alcohol use.

    1st offense - suspension from activity for minimum of two (2) weeks
    2nd and subsequent offenses - suspension from activity for twelve (12)weeks unless there is evidence of involvement in a chemical dependenceor treatment program at which time the individual may be reinstated after six (6) weeks.

Last Modified on April 2, 2019