Staff Directory

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    Lawrence School phone: (508) 548-0606

    Thomas Bushy Principal Office / Admin tbushy 501
    Rebecca Vieira Assistant Principal Office / Admin rvieira 522
    Dr. Margaret Valdes Special Education Building Administrator Office / Admin mvaldes 545
    Laurel Robbins Secretary to Principal Office / Admin lrobbins 501
    Tammy Lomba Secretary Office / Admin tlomba 500
    Debra Lynch Guidance/Special Education Secretary Office / Admin dlynch 503
    Matilda Leocadio School Nurse Office / Admin mleocadio 504
    Ryan Hergt School Resource Officer Office / Admin rhergt 516
    Victoria Santos Staff Assistant Office / Admin vsantos 529
    Kathy Blair Technology Technician Office / Admin kblair  
    Nina Casavant School Adjustment Counselor/Guidance Counselor Guidance ncasavant 511
    Selby Bourne School Adjustment Counselor/Guidance Counselor Guidance sbourne 512
    Amanda Sample School Adjustment Counselor Guidance ssample 523
    Tyrone Gonsalves School Psychologist Guidance tgonsalves 518
    Krista Hennessy English Teacher/Team Leader Team 1 (7th grade) khennessy  
    Donald Valentine Social Studies Teacher Team 1 (7th grade) dvalentine  
    Erica Solich Math Teacher Team 1 (7th grade) esolich  
    Kristina Woods Science Teacher Team 1 (7th grade) kwoods  
    Karin Smith Special Needs Teacher Team 1 (7th grade) ksmith  
    Susanne LeLacheur Social Studies Teacher/Team Leader Team 2 (7th grade) slelacheur  
    Amy Mulvey Math Teacher Team 2 (7th grade) amulvey  
    Celeste Cruse Science Teacher Team 2 (7th grade) ccruse  
    Charlene Johnson English Teacher Team 2 (7th grade) cjohnson  
    Joan Tegge Special Needs Teacher Team 2 (7th grade) jtegge  
    Bob Buscher Math Teacher/Team Leader Team 3 (7th grade) bbuscher  
    Jillian Jewett English Teacher Team 3 (7th grade) jjewett  
    Danielle Velesig Social Studies Teacher Team 3 (7th grade) dvelesig  
    Judy Harbison Science Teacher Team 3 (7th grade) jharbison  
    Karen Hart Special Needs Teacher Team 3 (7th grade) khart  
    Melissa Crim English Language Developer Team 3 (7th grade) mcrim  
    Jeff Tribou Social Studies Teacher/Team Leader Team 4 (8th grade) jtribou  
    Dan Sullivan English Teacher Team 4 (8th grade) d_sullivan  
    Kelley Mitchell Math Teacher Team 4 (8th grade) kmitchell  
    Abby Smith Science Teacher Team 4 (8th grade) asmith  
    Brian Connolly Special Needs Teacher Team 4 (8th grade) bconnolly  
    Lynn Sciarretta English Teacher/Team Leader Team 5 (8th grade) lsciarretta  
    Brendan O'Connor Social Studies Teacher Team 5 (8th grade) boconnor  
    Carli Rosenfield Math Teacher Team 5 (8th grade) crosenfield  
    Carmela Mayeski Science Teacher Team 5 (8th grade) cmayeski  
    Amanda Hinsman Special Needs Teacher Team 5 (8th grade) ahinsman  
    Adam Thomas Social Studies Teacher/Team Leader Team 6 (8th grade) a_thomas  
    Donna Scozzari Math Teacher Team 6 (8th grade) dscozzari  
    Kristin Tribou Science Teacher Team 6 (8th grade) ktribou  
    Lisbeth Liles English Teacher Team 6 (8th grade) lliles  
    Heather Sciarretta Special Needs Teacher Team 6 (8th grade) hsciarretta  
    Melissa Crim English Language Developer Team 6 (8th grade) mcrim  
    Jesse Gotlib Math Teacher Specialists jgotlib  
    Natalie Galligan Reading Teacher Specialists ngalligan  
    Sarah DeBettencourt Library Teacher Specialists sdebettencourt 505
    Barbara Blumberg Speech/Language Pathologist Speech/Language bblumberg  
    Rhett Johannessen Connect Program Teacher Special Education Programs rjohannessen  
    Jennifer Heinlein Connect Program Teacher Special Education Programs jheinlein  
    Erin Mello Learning Center Special Education Teacher Special Education Programs emello  
    Deborah Albert Spanish Teacher Foreign Language dalbert  
    Maria Demeo Spanish Teacher Foreign Language mdemeo  
    Adrienne Forns French Teacher Foreign Language aforns  
    Jennifer Hayman Spanish Teacher Foreign Language jhayman  
    Daniel Perea-Kane French/Spanish Teacher Foreign Language dpereakane  
    Eileen Cahill Music/Chorus Teacher Music ecahill  
    Andrew Fietek Music/Band Teacher Music afietek  
    Julie Bosselman PE/Health Teacher Physical Education/Health jbosselman  
    Joseph Morency PE/Health Teacher Physical Education/Health jmorency  
    Katherine Murphy PE/Health Teacher Physical Education/Health kmurphy  
    Tiffany Van Mooy Art Teacher - 7th grade Art tvanmooy  
    Karyn Phares Art Teacher - 8th grade Art kphares  
    Lynn O'Connell Digital Literacy & Innovation Teacher - 7th grade Digital Literacy & Innovation loconnell  
    David MacRae Digital Literacy & Innovation Teacher - 8th grade Digital Literacy & Innovation Teacher dmacrae  
    Janice Lewis Engineering Teacher - 7th grade Engineering jlewis  
    Bob Porto Engineering Teacher - 8th grade Engineering bporto  
    Steven Edwards Fine Arts Department Heads sedwards 538
    Carrie Fitzpatrick Math Department Heads cfitzpatrick 575
    Sarah Cox English Department Heads scox 538
    Michael Feeney Social Studies Department Heads mfeeney 539
    Christine Brothers Science Department Heads cbrothers 539
    Pat DiPillo Foreign Language Department Heads pdipillo 539
    Julie Williams Tinkham PE/Health Department Heads jwilliamstinkham  
    Alan Kazarian Guidance Department Heads akazarian FHS 4047
    Christine Nicholson English Language Development Department Heads cnicholson MP 480
    Samantha Haywood Academic Coordinator Bridge Program shaywood  
    Jen Batol Teacher Assistant Teacher Assistants jbatol  
    Stephanie Carreiro Teacher Assistant Teacher Assistants scarreiro  
    Heather Colbath Teacher Assistant Teacher Assistants hcolbath  
    Dorinda Condon Teacher Assistant Teacher Assistants dtollios  
    Cynthia Crista Teacher Assistant Teacher Assistants ccrista  
    Alysia Davies Teacher Assistant Teacher Assistants adavies  
    Erin Dell'Arciprete Teacher Assistant Teacher Assistants edellarciprete  
    Karen Hogan Teacher Assistant Teacher Assistants khogan  
    Joan Holman Teacher Assistant Teacher Assistants jholman  
    Suzanne Moriarty Teacher Assistant Teacher Assistants smoriarty  
    Laura Taylor Teacher Assistant Teacher Assistants ltaylor  
    Angela Woodward In-School Suspension In-School Suspension  awoodward 514
    Donald Drew Head Custodian Custodial ddrew 506
    Rebecca Botelho Food Service Manager Food Service rbotelho 507
Last Modified on November 22, 2019