• Lawrence School's purpose is to build a community of learners reaching for their full potential.

    Lawrence School recognizes the necessity of providing a challenging academic curriculum, one which fosters the mastery of knowledge in content areas. Lawrence School also recognizes the importance of promoting the development of essential skills as well as the development of personal quality characteristics. Because of our school's diverse cultural and economic make-up, our purpose is to provide a broad curriculum, one that recognizes individual needs and goals while it challenges all to grow intellectually and socially as they work to meet established high standards and expectations. 

    Our purpose is also to create a safe, orderly environment, where all members of this community share the responsibility for promoting and maintaining an atmosphere in which each feels respected and valued, supported as he or she accepts challenges and takes risks, and encouraged to learn from his or her mistakes. Lawrence School also recognizes the importance of maintaining an ongoing process of self-assessment and of refining all aspects of the school community to improve and maintain the opportunities students have to become well-informed, thoughtful, responsible, productive citizens.