Clipper Time

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    • 33 minutes of flexible time every day used for extra help, intervention, support, enrichment, or extension
      • Most Mondays = “Mentor Mondays.”  Students will meet with an assigned staff member to determine their schedule for the rest of the week
      • Tuesday-Friday, students will report to their assigned locations, which may be different each day, for intervention and enrichment
    • We’ve shortened each period by 6 minutes and put a 33 minute Clipper Time Block between periods 3 and 4.
    • Clipper Time is academic time.  Clipper Time is not a study hall or an advisory.  It is student-driven, targeted, and academic.


    • Clipper Time aligns to our mission of Rigor, Respect, and Responsibility.
    • Clipper Time aligns with our core values and expectations, as outlined in Falmouth High School’s six skill rubrics.
    • Clipper Time aligns to both our School Improvement Plan and District Strategic Plan, as it promotes:
      • Improved Teaching and Learning
      • Community Engagement Through an Improved Culture
      • Access, Equity and Opportunity
    • Clipper Time is devoted to meeting the needs of all students at all levels of learning and readiness. 

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Last Modified on February 15, 2024