• Students working in the science lab.

    The Falmouth High School science department seeks to develop student understanding of scientific concepts through direct observation of and interaction with scientific processes and phenomena. In addition, the curriculum provides opportunities for students to develop inquiry skills and scientific practices including planning an experiment, collecting and analyzing data and communicating observations and conclusions. The science department offers courses in Biology, Environmental Science, Chemistry, and Physics as well as four Advanced Placement courses and several electives.

    Science Department Teachers

    Christine Brothers Science Department Head cbrothers 3065
    Andrew Cozzens Science Teacher  acozzens 5168
    Scott Crocker Science Teacher scrocker 5258
    Cory Dubuque Science Teacher cdubuque 5336
    Kelly Garrett Science Teacher kgarrett 5358
    Heather Goodwin Science Teacher hgoodwin 5330
    Rupert Gordon Science Teacher rgordon 5321
    Cheryl Milliken Science Teacher cmilliken 5199
    Claudio Palhais Science Teacher cpalhais 5145
    Nicole Shea Science Teacher nshea 5243