• Four years of English (16 credits) are required for graduation. As you make your course selections, be sure to include an English course, and be certain that this course is appropriate for you, given your ability, interests, and post-high school plans. You will find the courses grouped under the following designations: College Preparatory (CP1 & CP2), Honors (H), and Advanced Placement (AP). In addition, you will find English elective courses listed the Program of Studies.

    It is important to note that all English courses are designed to teach communications skills, particularly skills involving reading, writing, speaking, and listening. In addition, these courses feature close reading and critical thinking activities as well as a balanced approach to writing that includes on-demand and process writing for a variety of audiences and purposes. Some courses feature heterogeneous grouping as well as cooperative and collaborative learning. Other courses, primarily because of their core reading and writing assignments, feature a more homogeneous approach. Consult with your teacher and guidance counselor about these differences and how they might affect your course selections.

FHS English Teachers

Last Modified on January 6, 2021