Summer Letter

  • Dear Students and Families,

                Greetings and welcome to the Kelliher/Falcone 5th Grade Team at Morse Pond School!! We hope you have had a pleasant summer with your family and friends. The start of school is fast approaching, and it is time to start getting focused on having a wonderful year together. Our two classes work together as a team, and both of us look forward to meeting and working with you in fifth grade.

                Your first year at Morse Pond will be different and stimulating. You will have the opportunity to be challenged with new concepts, increase responsibility, meet new classmates, and make many new friends. As a fourth grader, you came with your class, visited, toured the school and met various teachers, administrators, faculty, and students. Morse Pond will hold tours for new students on Thursday, 8/22 from 1-2 pm and Friday, 8/23 from 9-11 am.

                We will be stressing the importance of organization and teaching students organizational strategies, especially at the beginning of the year. Being organized and staying organized will be something we expect of students throughout the year. On the back of this letter is a list of materials students will need. If possible, please have these materials by the first day of school. Students will also be given an assignment notebook, where daily assignments and communication takes place, as well as a parental signature every night.

                Be sure to bring in your Morse Pond Summer Reading Assignment filled out from the book you have read over the summer. We look forward to seeing you on September 3rd!



    Mrs. Kelliher & Mr. Falcone








    1. Six colored pocket folders
      1. one red (Math)
      2. one green (Science)
      3. one yellow (Reading / Language Arts)
      4. one blue (Social Studies)
      5. one orange (Writing)
      6. one white or clear ( Take Home / Homework)

    Please label folders with the subject and student’s name.


    1. Dry erase markers as well as an old sock or rag for dry erase boards.


    1. One standard sized spiral bound notebook for class assignments.


    1. Plenty of pencils and erasers. (Students will be responsible for always having pencils at the ready.)


    1. One ballpoint pen for correcting, any color (please no gel or felt tip).


    1. A silent reading book to keep with you. This should be a book that the student hasn’t finished and will hold their attention during Silent Sustained Reading times.


    1. Materials to cover two hard -cover books. Stretchy, reusable, extra large sized book covers are fine as well as paper bags from the grocery store.


    1. One glue stick.


    1. Headphones/Earbuds that can be kept at school.


    1. A pencil box or pencil bag to hold these items is recommended.




    We always welcome tissues, disinfecting wipes,

    and any extra materials listed above for the class to share.