Hello New 5th Grade Student!


                WELCOME to the Peterson/Briggs Team at Morse Pond School. We hope you have had a great summer involved in fun activities with family and friends. That is how I spent my summer as well. Now that it is late August, I want you to start thinking about the upcoming school year together. Mrs. Peterson and I look forward to meeting you and working with you in fifth grade.


                Your first year at Morse Pond will be exciting. You will get to know new classmates, make different friends, and learn interesting concepts. One of our themes is ORGANIZATION. Therefore, we ask that you get the materials listed on page two of this letter. It would be great if you could bring these supplies on the first day of school. You will definitely need them for the first full week of school on Monday September 11th. If you are unable to obtain any of these items, we will help you get them.


                Don’t forget about your summer reading!! You need to read ONE of the “Battle of the Books” titles and COMPLETE A SUMMARY SHEET. For more information check out our Morse Pond website. Click on “teacher sites”, and then click on “library”.


                I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, September 5th. On that first day, students meet their teachers in the front section of the recess field. When you get off the bus or get dropped off look for me holding a sign with MR. BRIGGS on it. FYI, our lunchtime is 11:30. Be sure to pack a snack for the afternoon and water for the warm beginning of school.





                                                                                                                Mr. Briggs












    1. 5 colored, pocketed folders. (no prong fasteners) PLASTIC is BEST

       ~one RED – Math

       ~one GREEN – Science

       ~one YELLOW – Reading

       ~one BLUE – Social Studies

       ~one WHITE or BLACK – Writing


    1. One three-ringed binder to hold your folders (1.5 inches is best, 2 in. max.)


    1. A silent reading book to keep in your desk, at all times.


    1. TWO Dry Erase Markers


    1. One clean White Sock (to use as dry erase eraser)


    1. Pencils


    1. A pair of earbuds to be used with school issued Chromebooks that each student will be assigned.   This does not need to be done for 1st day.


    **For the classroom as a whole, we can always use these:

    ~tissues             ~Hand Sanitizers         ~Extra Dry Erase Markers

    ~extra colored folders.





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