The Clipper Experience

The Clipper Experience: Our Framework for Student Success

The Clipper Experience

For the 2023-24 school year, the Falmouth Public Schools Administrative Team has refined and strengthened the school district’s Framework for Student Success, centered on The Clipper Experience. The framework builds upon the core work of the district from previous years, while placing additional emphasis on several important areas for growth and improvement. 

The graphic to the right captures the three main Focus Areas the Administrative Team has identified for the current school year. For each Focus Area, the team has established implementation benchmarks to measure progress.

The Clipper Experience (Focus Area #1) unifies the two elements of the district’s tagline:

  • A Community Committed to Excellence – a renewed focus on high-quality instruction and academic rigor, to ensure that all students are engaged in challenging, hands-on learning that prepares them for success in the future; and

  • Every Student. Every Day. – our unwavering commitment to personalized learning for every student, including healthy social-emotional, mental, and physical development.

Two critical elements are interwoven throughout all that we do:

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (Focus Area #2)

  • Two-Way Communication and Partnerships (Focus Area #3)

The framework is aligned with the school district’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values, and the priorities outlined in our Strategic Plan

To learn more about the Framework for Student Success:

“Charting the Course to Graduation” provides additional details about the implementation of the framework, including resources for families and staff related to: