Approach to Learning

Falmouth’s core values speak to the importance of students finding joy in their learning. To fulfill this promise, we are strengthening how we teach through an approach to learning that is increasingly personalized.

What does that mean?

While the idea of group work is not new, the idea that each group may be doing something different may be. In some classes, students may be learning the same idea, or building the same set of skills, but they may be doing it as one group records a video to instruct others about a big idea, another group shares drafts of an essay, and another group creates a slide deck while preparing for a shared presentation. Or, it could also mean that some students are learning a different concept than other students as they work towards a deeper understanding of a common theme.

In many ways, our approach to learning is like conducting an orchestra. We know that we want everyone to be connected. We want to hear one, beautiful song. The only way to hear that song, however, is to bring in the drums, the cellos and violins, and the flutes, and all of the other individual parts. Each group may practice separately, and some groups may take longer to learn a piece than others. The beauty rests in how they all come together in the end. That is similar to our approach to learning. All students need a chance to learn and practice their individual skills and ideas, so that when they all come together, they have a stronger understanding, and are ready for what comes next.

Falmouth Public Schools is a Community Committed to Excellence – we support Every Student. Every Day. This is our unwavering commitment to personalized learning for every student, including healthy social-emotional, mental, and physical development. That’s the Clipper Experience!