World Language

Falmouth High School Staff

Pat DiPillo World Language Department Head pdipillo 3047
Travis Andrade Latin Teacher tandrade 5140
Molly Drane Spanish Teacher mdrane 5184
Kelly Grace Spanish Teacher kgrace 5259
Rebekah Sandefer French Teacher rsandefer 5205
Susan Schmidt French Teacher sschmidt 5106
Katie Stanton Spanish Teacher kstanton 5730
Karla Steele Spanish Teacher ksteele 5106

Lawrence School Staff

Deborah Albert Spanish Teacher
Maria Demeo Spanish Teacher
Kristen Mills French Teacher
Jennifer Hayman Spanish Teacher
Daniel Perea-Kane French Teacher

Falmouth High School offers students of modern languages the opportunity to participate in a Spanish or French Exchange Program during the academic year. Exchanges are coordinated by World Language teachers and are designed to give students a broader, more global experience with language. Exchanges are offered on an every other year basis and students must be enrolled in the language in order to participate.

In addition, the department offers a French and Spanish Honor Society for students who wish to increase their exposure to language.

Seniors interested in applying for the Seal of Biliteracy should come to the World Language Office to get an application from Dr. DiPillo. For questions about the Seal of Biliteracy or for more information, please contact Pat DiPillo, World Language Department Chair 7-12, at [email protected]