Middle School Curriculum

  • Grade 5 Science Curriculum Overview

    The Grade 5 Science Curriculum offers students continued focus in the areas of Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth Science.

    Life Science

    During their studies of Life Science students focus on the cell as the basic unit of life, characteristics of plants and animals, the structure and function of plants and animals,
    how organisms are adapted to their habitats, and energy and living things.

    Physical Science

    In Physical Science students will learn about the properties of objects and materials, states of matter and forms of energy.

    Earth Science

    In Earth Science students continue to learn about weather and climate, earth’s history and the earth in the solar system.


    In Technology and Engineering, students will identify a need or problem and using a variety of tools and materials will create prototypes, models or products to solve the problem.

    Grade 6 Science Curriculum Overview

    Earth Science

    The main focus of the Grade 6 science curriculum is Earth Science. This curriculum will provide students with an understanding of the structure of the Earth and the processes that tear down and build up the surface of the Earth. Students will also learn about the Earth’s place in the universe.
    In order for students to understand their role as protectors of the planet, students will learn about pollution, global warming, climate change and other impacts on nature and the planet.

    Technology and Engineering

    Students will focus on research and problem solving as they conceptualize problems, design 3‐dimensional prototypes and test and modify their prototypes.

    Grade 7 - Life Science

    Grade 8 - Physical Science