Elementary Curriculum Overview

In grades PreK-4, the curriculum promotes scientific investigations based on student questions, observations, and the growing ability to communicate what they observe. In grades 3-4, students work on investigations in small groups or independently. Students become increasingly proficient in the process of selecting a question that can be answered, formulating a hypothesis, planning the steps of an experiment, and determining the most objective way to test the hypothesis. Students incorporate their mathematical skills of measuring and graphing when communicating their findings. 

The PreK-4 Science Curriculum is designed to build foundational scientific skills and content knowledge. Curriculum resources include classroom books, software, special events and mentoring activities with local scientists provided by our ongoing partnership with the Woods Hole Science and Technology Education Partnership (WHSTEP)

The district also provides a series of K-4 science kits designed to provide all students with a hands-on experience and promote more complex thinking. These kits have been researched and designed by the district's Science Curriculum Leaders and include extensive materials as well as detailed lesson plans and teacher resources to facilitate the delivery of a consistent learning experience for all students across the district.


Grade Strand Description
K Life Science The Five Senses
K Earth Science Weather
K Physical Science Sorting & Classifying
1 Life Science From Seed to Plant
1 Earth Science Pebbles, Sand, and Silt
1 Physical Science Solids, Liquids & Gas
2 Earth and Space Science Amazing Air
2 Physical Science Balance and Motion
2 Life Science How Animals Grow and Change
3 Physical Science Energy
3 Life Science Food Chains and Webs
3 Earth and Space Science Solar System
4 Life Science Animal Adaptations
4 Technology/Engineering Simple Machines
4 Earth and Space Science Rocks and Mineral