Elementary (K - 4)

To learn and practice skills in mathematics and numeracy, Clippers use i-Ready Classroom Mathematics (simply called i-Ready), a connected learning system for assessment, instruction, and support. 

Students are assessed three times a year using the iReady Math Diagnostic, which provides comprehensive insight into student learning and growth to help teachers meet the needs of all students. Students will use the “Try-Discuss-Connect” routine framework, which deepens conceptual understanding and promotes collaborative problem solving, helping to build students' math confidence.

In addition to daily direct teacher instruction, a key component is the personalized learning platform called My Path

Our mathematics program is designed to help all children be successful with rigorous, grade-level content by using flexible, equitable, and accessible instruction.


Learning includes: 

  • Use numbers to count and group objects, compare how many objects are in different groups, and add and subtract

  • Use language to describe, sort, name, and compare two-dimensional and three dimensional shapes

Grade 1

Learning includes: 

  • Understand how counting, adding, and subtraction are related

  • Understand that two-digit numbers are made of tens and ones

  • Understand how to measure the length of objects

  • Put shapes together and break them apart to create new shapes

Grade 2

Learning includes: 

  • Understand place value in numbers up to 1,000

  • Use various methods to add and subtract numbers up to 1,000

  • Understand and use standard units and tools of measurement

  • Recognize and draw shapes with specific characteristics

Grade 3

Students in Grade 3 also use Fluency Flight to practice fact fluency. 

Learning includes:

  • Understand multiplication and division and how they are related

  • Understand fractions and how they represent real-world situations

  • Understand connections between multiplication and the areas of shapes

  • Describe, analyze, and compare shapes like rectangles and squares

Grade 4

Students in Grade 4 also use Fluency Flight to practice fact fluency. 

Learning includes: 

  • Solve multi-step word problems using multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction

  • Understand that multiplication and division can be used to compare quantities

  • Understand and use equivalent fractions (like 1/2 and 3/6, which are the same) and unit fractions (like 1/3 or 1/5, with a 1 on top)

  • Describe, analyze, compare, and classify shapes using types of lines and angles

The Teaching & Learning of mathematics in the elementary grades is supported by our Elementary Math Instructional Coaches.

Mrs. Robin Bowerman Ms. Stacey Strong
North Falmouth Elementary Mullen-Hall Elementary School
Teaticket Elementary School East Falmouth Elementary School