So, what is STEM?

  • In short, STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

    Simply, STEM is about solving problems, improving ideas, and inventing new things. STEM learning revolutionizes what happens in classrooms. It even redefines what a classroom is.

    STEM learning brings ideas together and makes you think about so many places as places of learning. Your kitchen and backyard, the golf course you pass on your way out of town, your favorite playground, and the beach you go to each summer all  become classrooms.

    When these places change, STEM is  involved. When they remain the same, STEM is involved. STEM, then, forces you to think about and determine WHY things  happen the way they do. STEM also empowers you to make a change and know HOW to do it!

    Our Brief History

    In August 2011, Falmouth High School sent a team to a three day intensive summer workshop sponsored by the Gateway Institute. This three-person team learned about changes in international as well as national trends in STEM education, what those trends mean for  our students, and how to stay ahead of the curve. The team developed the STEM action plan, which they shared with their colleagues and which also served as the foundation for the ongoing work of the STEM Committee.

    To this point, all those involved have worked diligently to focus our STEM instruction to offer students exposure to timely and relevant STEM opportunities. As we move forward, the STEM committee, comprised of teachers and administrators across grades seven through twelve, are working to articulate STEM pathways to maximize our students’ opportunities. Members of the Falmouth High School arm of the STEM Committee are also working in partnership with the Gateway Institute sponsored in part by the Museum of Science and the National Center for Technological Literacy in Boston.