Vernal Pool and Spade foot Toad Project

  • The Vernal Pool Project was held in spring 2012 in cooperation with the Massachusetts Audubon Society and funded by the JBS Charitable Foundation of Osterville.  Ian Ives, Director of the Long Pasture and Ashumet Sanctuaries, spoke to AP Biology classes about vernal pools.  Vernal pools are shallow ponds that fill during the spring but dry up in the summer.  Because they dry up seasonally, they do not contain fish predators and therefore are rich in insect and amphibian life. Several species of invertebrates and vertebrates live only in vernal pools including fingernail clams and wood frogs.  We videotaped the lecture and our field trip to the Ashumet Sanctuary in East Falmouth for broadcast on Channel 14.

Spade Foot Toad Video (Year 2)