• Falmouth High School Math teachers subscribe to "Rule of Four", representing mathematics symbolically, numerically, graphically, and verbally.

    Math teachers use a strategic approach to Problem Solving referencing the FHS rubrics.

    All courses are aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and include real-life application.

    Laurie Gatchell Math Department Head lgatchell 3089
    Patricia Bourgeault Math Teacher tbourgeault 5171
    Deryk Eynon Math Teacher deynon 5292
    Andrea Gennaro Math Teacher agennaro 5343
    Michelle Gregory Math Teacher mgregory 5308
    Rebecca Landers-Cauley Math Teacher rlanderscauley 5240
    Courtney Lima Math Teacher clima 5349
    Katharine McAuley Math Teacher kmcauley 5109
    Abigail Peterson Math Teacher  apeterson 5338
    Henry Stevens Math Teacher hstevens 5270
Last Modified on September 7, 2023