Upcoming Tets

  • Chpt. 7 Math Test:  Thursday, 3/12/20

    Math Antics: Ratios

    Brain Pop: Ratios



    Science Test ~ Friday, 3/13/20 


    Chemical Changes - Study Guide


    1. Review the Chemical Changes section of DE Techbook.
    2. Study key terms - vocabulary (black/white book) – Quizlet
    3. What is a chemical change?
    4. How is a chemical change different from a physical change?
    5. Can chemical changes be reversed?
    6. How fast are chemical changes?
    7. How is heat involved in chemical changes?
    8. How is light involved in chemical changes?
    9. How does a chemical change affect the mass of the substances involved?
    10. Review the Chemical Changes Evaluate sheet.


    The test will include:

    Multiple Choice

    Fill in the Blank

    Short Essay