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    STEAM Fair Events


    • October 19 morning, Falmouth High School. REVERSE SCIENCE FAIR
      • Scientists present a posters to students the High School  


    • Until February, Mentor a High School Student in your science lab throughout their science fair project.  We are looking to match scientists/engineers to host students in their labs while they work on complementary projects.  The timeframe and details can be worked out between the lab schedule and the student schedule.


    • October - February Choose a date (or a few) to advise students during drop in Science Fair Club consult sessions at Falmouth Public High School (Club typically meets biweekly at 10:15 am or perhaps after school). 


    • February 26 - Feb 29 Choose a day or two to judge science & engineering projects from Falmouth High School.  We need approximately 20 judges for 2-3 rounds of judging at the high school level.  Watch this video to learn more about judging Falmouth Science and Engineering Projects.


    • School day in March Judge Lawrence Junior High Projects,
      • Date to be determined, but will be most likely in March.


    • Saturday Morning, March 16. Host an exhibition table to represent your organization at the annual STEAM Fair!
Last Modified on September 5, 2023