Information Regarding Food Celebration

  • Creating an environment that enables students to make good nutrition choices is important to the district. To that end, classroom based celebrations (e.g., birthday parties, holidays) are food free.

    Celebrations are an important part of the school year, and activities to observe holidays and celebrate students will continue. If a teacher determines that food is necessary for a curriculum-related activity, food in the classroom will be allowed and parents/guardians will be notified. Food free celebrations promote good nutrition, and healthy food choices in the schools also reinforce our curriculum.

    Students have a wide variety of health needs, some life threatening, that may not be obvious or known widely (e.g., allergies, medical or dental concerns). Due to these needs, food brought in from home could create difficulties for teachers and nurses who are responsible for student safety.  

    Unauthorized food brought in from home by students or parents/guardians for parties or celebrations will be sent back home with the student or parent/guardian at the end of the school day.

    Rewards happen at many levels across a school. Teachers, administrators and parent groups offer rewards to recognize and celebrate student accomplishments. The goal of rewarding students is to help them internalize desirable behaviors and create motivation for learning. The most effective rewards fit naturally into the context and mission of the school community and should promote healthy living as a desired value of the community.

    A full list of suggested non-food celebration activities and rewards are provided to staff members at each school. Examples for activities could include: playing a favorite game, extra recess, creating a birthday memory book, eating lunch outside with the class, homework passes, tickets to school events, and recognition during morning announcements.  

    Fundraising events held during the school day are encouraged to support student health by using non-food items or activities to promote physical activity. Clubs and organizations have been creative in coming up with ways to raise funds that do not involve food. Ideas and examples for non-food fundraisers will be provided to all staff members at the beginning of the school year. If a club or organization would like to have a food-based fundraiser or other event, a proposal will be submitted to the Superintendent or Designee for approval.