Getting Involved and Connecting with Our School Community

  • Families are always welcome in our school community. There are many ways in which you can be a part of what is happening here at school: 

    • Visit your child’s classroom: contact your child’s teacher and arrange a convenient time.
    • Join your child for lunch: Any time! Sign in and obtain a visitor’s pass.
    • Be a volunteer in your child’s classroom or for the school: Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS) information is provided in the fall in the Forms Packet. In addition, anyone who would like to volunteer in Falmouth Public Schools must fill out a CRIMINAL OFFENDER RECORD INFORMATION (CORI) form prior to volunteering. This form will also be included in the Forms Packet in September.  
    • Join the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO): The PTO is the way families can get to know and connect with other families of same grade level students and across grade levels. Families benefit from the support they receive from one another as well as by developing a social connection that focuses on school. The school benefits tremendously from the wonderful enriching activities and fundraising that the PTOs do. 
    • School Council:  This group of individuals advises the principal on school matters. If you are interested, contact your school’s principal.

    If you would like information on how to volunteer or join a school organization, contact the main office at your school.