Attendance and Safe Arrival Program

  • Regular on-time attendance is critical to each child's progress and achievement in school. The Attendance Policy requires that a child be absent only when ill or there is a significant event in the family. Every effort should be made to schedule doctors' and dentists' appointments during hours that do not conflict with school hours.

    Striving for the safest possible school environment, the Falmouth Public Schools maintains an attendance system that includes a Safe Arrival program. On a daily basis, the school attempts to verify the attendance, or necessary absence, of every child. If your child should need to be absent, call your child’s school in advance of the absence and leave a message on the 24-hour phone line to notify us. This would include days of sickness, tardiness, or any other event that would prevent a student from arriving at the beginning of the school day.

    Attendance is taken at the start of each school day by the classroom teacher. Any child who is reported as absent is cross-referenced with the phone calls on the Safe Arrival phone line. In any situation where a child’s absence has not been accounted for, the school will attempt to contact parents/guardians.

    Here are the Safe Arrival phone numbers for each school (the school’s main phone number and then selecting option “4”). On your message, leave your child’s name, grade level, and the date(s) of the anticipated absence or tardiness, and a number at which you may be reached.


    School Phone Number Option
    East Falmouth 508-548-1052 4
    Mullen-Hall 508-548-0220 4
    North Falmouth 508-563-2334 4
    Teaticket 508-548-1550 4